Monday, 12 November 2018

Artline Monday - World Kindness Day 2018

Tomorrow is World Kindness Day, one of my favourite days of the year!  The idea behind it is to make the world a brighter and happier place by committing small acts of kindness and spreading a little joy.  These acts can be random (also known as a RAK) or they can be for someone you know, how you choose to celebrate the day is up to you. 

I thought it would be nice to make some little cards with kindness quotes on them that I could hide for people to find, either in my children's school bags or somewhere out in the "wild" for strangers to discover.

Linen card and my Artline pens

I started with some lovely linen card and ripped it into smaller sized pieces using a ruler so I got a nice raw edge. I wanted to end up with something similar to the size of a business card or postcard or something in between the two.

Different sizes of card

Then I got out my Artline fineliners, bush pens and Supreme metallic markers and started writing the quotes. I mixed up the types of lettering and colours I used to make them look a little more fun and interesting and added some stickers and stamps for decoration.

Writing a quote

On the back of the cards I wrote World Kindness Day and the date 13th November 2018 so people would know what they were for and then they could search online for more details about the day and maybe commit their own acts of kindness too.

My little set of cards

I am going to put one in each of my daughter's bags tomorrow before school and I thought I'd hide the rest around my local community centre so they can be found and hopefully spread the message about World Kindness Day!

Will you be joining in with your own acts of kindness tomorrow?

Monday, 5 November 2018

Artline Monday - Poppy rocks

Last November I painted a couple of rocks with poppies on them for Remembrance Sunday so this year I thought it would be nice to make a whole batch of them to hide for people to find.

I started off by giving each rock a base coat of white paint using an Artline poster marker so my designs would stand out and look more vibrant than if I had been drawing on top of the natural grey stone colour.

Rocks with their base coat

Once the white coat was dry I started to draw and paint on the rocks using more poster markers and a selection of Artline 853 OHP markers.  I also used a purple Supreme highlighter on one of my rocks and a red calligraphy pen on a couple too.

Drawing a poppy

On the smaller stones I kept the designs simple, drawing one poppy on each with the OHP pens.

Small poppy rock & the pens used to make it

Two more small rocks & the pens used

My husband suggested I make one of the poppies purple to remember all the animals who were killed during war so I coloured one of the flowers in with the purple Supreme highlighter.  I wrote on it "Remembering the animals of war" so people would know what it was for if they found it and weren't familiar with the purple poppy's meaning.

Purple poppy & the pens used

On the larger rocks I had more room to play with so I could get creative!

Painting a poppy

I started this one by painting a poppy...

With the silhouette

... and then drew a silhouette of a solider and dog so that the solider's head would make up the centre of the poppy.

Adding the dates

The last thing I did was to write the word "Remember" and the dates.

Finished design & the pens used

On the next rock I used the red poster marker to make a series of splodges and then...

Red splodges for poppies

... drew in the stems, leaves, flower buds and centres using the Artline 853 OHP markers.

With stems, leaves, buds and centres

For my Valentines day rocks I used a calligraphy pen to write on the stones so I thought I'd give that another go on a couple of the poppy rocks.

Calligraphy pen rock - Remember them

I also drew two poppies on the first stone and a boarder of poppies on the second one.

Another calligraphy pen rock - Lest we forget...

I painted a couple of drooping poppies on this rock, again using the red poster marker and then used the OHP pens for the stems and middle of one of the flowers.

Drooping poppies & quote rock

I saw this design on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go.  It is a battlefield cross for a fallen solider which is made up of a pair of boots, a gun and helmet.

Battlefield cross & poppies

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae is a poem that really stuck with me when I learnt about it in school so I wrote the first stanza on one of my rocks.  It isn't as neat as I would have liked it to be but sometimes writing on a stone surface is a little difficult with the bumps and holes. 

In Flanders fields poem

My eldest daughter was watching me paint these rocks and she wanted to make one too so she selected a stone and drew her own design.  I love her poppy in the middle!

My daughter's poppy rock

Once all of the rocks were finished I used a black OHP marker to write my #ArtlineRocks message on the back of them.  It tells the person who finds it that they can either keep or rehind the stone and asks them to share a photo of it online with the Artline rocks hashtag.

The messages on the back of each rock

Here is our finished collection of rocks!  A couple of them will be travelling somewhere up north and a few will be heading down south too, the rest will be hidden around Birmingham over the next few days...

The finished set

... in fact we're already started hiding some!

Starting to hide the rocks

I hope these rocks are all found at least once before Sunday and I would love to see them popping up online too so I can see where they end up!

If you want to read more of my rock painting posts you can find them here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Artline Monday - Christmas competitions

Okay, so I know Halloween is only a couple of days away and we are all feeling spooky and scary but Christmas is never too far from my mind at this time of year so when I heard Artline were running a couple of Christmas design competitions I got REALLY excited!  

Entry forms

If your children love to draw, paint and be creative then this will keep them entertained for a little while over half term and they could win a set of Artline and Xstamper goodies!  

For children 9 and under Artline are looking for a fun and festive design for their official Christmas eCard and for kids 10 and over they want a new holiday header image for their social media channels.  To take part you just need to print off the entry forms, you can find them both here and then let them get cracking with their best Xmas drawings!  There's no need to add any words to the designs, Artline will pop their own on top once the winners have been chosen and there will be prizes for the top three designs plus some runners up prizes too!  

Keeping little hands busy

There are a couple of ways you can submit your child's entry, either scan or photograph their form/design and email it to or you could share their drawing on social media, tag @ArtlineOfficial and use the hashtag #ArtlineXmas, easy peasy!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The closing date for both competitions is Friday 23rd November 2018 and you can find the full terms and conditions here!

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Coming full circle - my 500th post & back in an A5 ringed planner

I can't believe this is my 500th blog post!  To mark the occasion I thought it would be a good time to reflect back a little and show you my brand new planner!

A5 Kikki K

Back in 2013 I brought a pink A5 Apex Filofax to help me get organised and as soon as I started using it I loved it.  I felt like I was finally on top of things again and it really helped me feel like I had some control over my life.  

My first ringed planner

I enjoyed using the Apex for quite a while before I decided to move onto a personal size planner which I liked because it was more portable and would fit easily in my bag without weighing it down too much. 

Over the last five and half years I have tried lots of different sizes and types of planners which I have written about and shared with you (you can check out my collection here if you like) but recently I have let my planning slip.  

Our new pup!

We have added a new puppy to our family and I have had less and less time to get my planner, supplies and stamps out so I have been relying on the calendar and notebook on my phone instead.  I know, it's shocking!  

Anyway, an email dropped into my inbox from Kikki K a few weeks ago showing off their newest planner collection called Sweet and I was smitten!  I couldn't justify spending money on another planner so I just lusted from a far and that was that..... until I got a second email some time later advertising a special offer, spend £60 and get 30% off.  It's my birthday next month and it was a really good deal so I thought I'd buy my present early (don't tell me off, I'm usually quite good!).  I added the A5 planner to my cart and some matching stickers, post its, magnetic page markers and a pen and got my discount and free shipping!  Here it is!

A5 Sweet Kikki K planner

Before I checked out I noticed that this design also came in personal size but I thought A5 would work better for me right now.  I'll be doing a lot of planning with this balanced on my knees or on my lap and I wanted the extra room to work with.  I don't take a bag out with me very often at the moment either so I wasn't bothered about the size and weight as I won't be carrying this one around.  Let me show you the inside....

Card slots, notepad, larger sections & zipped pocket

Every day is a little ray of sunshine- Monthly divider

I love all of the dividers, the illustrations are so cute!

Some pretty stickers to get you started

Undated monthly pages - 18 months

Collect moments - Weekly divider

Weekly pages

To Do divider

To do pages

The next four divider tabs were left blank so you can label them yourself, either with the stickers provided or using a pen.  I chose Journaling, Inspiration, To Action and Goals for mine.

Personalise your dividers again & again


Plain paper to work with

Inspiration - I love this quote!

To Action - making plans!

Goals - write them down and make them real

There's a gorgeous notepad inside the back cover too

Everything looks so adorable!

Back cover

I can't wait to get started planning properly again!  I think to begin with I'll just be using my pen and a few stickers for my everyday plans and then break out my stamps and ink for Planner Friday posts until I either have more time or I just feel the need to use them every week.  

Oh and here's to the next 500 posts, thank you for being here with me!


Monday, 22 October 2018

Artline Monday - No carve pumpkins

One of my favourite Halloween traditions is making Jack o'lanterns with my kids, we try to create different designs each year so I usually hit Pinterest to look for inspiration.  This year I came across some lovely no carve pumpkins so I thought I'd have a go at making a couple.

Pumpkins & Artline pens

For the first pumpkin I wanted to do something a bit girly so I started by painting half of it metallic pink with my Artline poster marker and the other half white.

Metallic pink


It only took one coat of paint to cover up the orange skin and the pink colour looks so pretty!

Painted pumpkin, look at that shine!

Once the paint was dry I added a big squirt of gold glitter glue around the top of the pumpkin and then used a brush to spread the glitter around.  The last step was to add some gold and bronze confetti to the top half of the pumpkin.  I really like how it turned out!

Poster markers, confetti & glitter glue

According to my daughter the second pumpkin had to be more Halloweenie (that's a word, right?) so I got out my Artline 900XF silver pen and started drawing a spooky spiderweb.

Metallic silver pen

I also coloured in the pumpkin stalk with a black Artline 70 marker to make it look like either a fly or a baby spider in the centre of the web.

Colouring in the stalk

Drawing the web

I drew a large spider sitting in the web and then glued on some googly eyes.

Adding the spider

Here is the finished pumpkin!

Halloween pumpkin

The nice thing about no carve pumpkins is that they still look great during the day whereas the carved ones look best lit up in the dark and they will last a while longer too.  

On the doorstep

If you want to make some traditional Jack o'lanterns then take a look at the ones we made last year for some ideas.  The haunted house one is my favourite! 

Last year's pumpkins

Thanks for stopping by!