Monday, 15 October 2018

Artline Monday - More Halloween fun

So we are still getting ready for Halloween in our house, we really like to go all out with lots of decorations, spooky themed snacks and family friendly scary movies, half term is practically a week long celebration of everything creepy and fun!  I always decorate our front door too so people know it's okay to come and trick or treat on the 31st October, so for today's post I am going to show you how I do it using my Artline glass and chalk markers.

The first thing I wanted to do was make a chalkboard sign to hang outside, I brought a cheep one from Home Bargains and got a bag of googly eyes too. 

Supplies for a spooky chalkboard sign

I painted the wooden frame with a red poster marker, it only took me a few minutes using the 12mm sponge tip and it dried really quickly. 

Painted frame

Then I glued some of the googly eyes to the frame.

Googly eyes

I used my white chalk marker to write "Tricks" and "Treats" on the board....

Writing the sign

... and then used my purple chalk marker to write "no" and "just"...

Finishing the quote

... the last steps were to add some cobwebs to the corners of the chalkboard...

Drawing some cobwebs

.... and then a loop of twine so I can hang the sign up!

My finished sign

Outside I got to work on my door using the glass and chalk markers and a few window stickers and chalkboard labels.

Both the glass and chalk markers work well on glass so they are great for drawing on your windows.  They wipe away easily with a damp cloth too.

Adding some grass with a glass marker

Drawing a pair of eyes on my letterbox

Colouring in the whites of the eyes


I didn't want to use the markers on my UPVC door so I stuck a few chalkboard label stickers onto it instead and then wrote and drew on those with the chalk maker.  I can peel them off after Halloween and throw them away without worrying they might damage my door.

Close up of my window decorations

I have a couple of stickers on the glass of my door that say no leaflets and no door to door sales so I covered these with some black tissue paper and used an oval chalkboard sticker to make a cute little spider, adding eyes, legs and a web with my chalk markers.  I also drew a ghost and wrote "Hide" and "Run away" on the glass before adding a few more decorative stickers to finish the look.  

All set for Halloween

I am quite pleased with how the front looks now, but if I change my mind it will be easy to wipe it all away and start again!

What do you think? 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Artline Monday - Halloween decorations

Halloween and half term are fast approaching so for today's post I am going to show you how to make some spooky decorations to keep little hands busy during the school break.  Everywhere we go my youngest has been collecting conkers and bringing piles of them home but she didn't know what to do with them so I thought it would be fun to use some in a crafting session this weekend.

Conkers, card, twine & Artline pens

For this craft you will need:

  • Conkers
  • Card
  • Twine or string 
  • Artline poster and paint markers
  • A pen or pencil
  • Scissors 
  • PVA glue

We turned our conkers into spiders, ghosts, a pumpkin and a vampire bat!

For the bat I folded our card in half and drew the shape of one wing, the body of the bat would be along the folded edge so after you cut it out you will be left with two wings joined together in the middle.

Drawing the bat's wing

Cut out

Painting the conker & wings with a poster marker

Adding eyes & vampire teeth once the paint had dried

After the eyes and teeth had dried we used a black Artline 70 marker to add the finishing touches, pupils and a mouth to our bat and then stuck the conker to the wings using PVA glue.

For the spiders we painted a couple of conkers with green and red poster markers and cut out two circles of white card.  

Painting the conker red

We drew eight legs on each card, added faces and decoration to the bodies and then glued the conkers to the middle of the cards.

Next we made some ghosts.  I drew a couple of basic ghost shapes onto the card, cut them out and then painted one blue, we left the second one white as that is a more traditional ghost colour.  Then it was time to paint the conkers, some of the shinier ones took a couple of coats to cover them completely but the paint dries quickly.

Drawing a ghost shape

Painting the conker white 

Painting the ghost shape & conker blue

We drew faces on the ghosts with the Artline 70 pen and paint marker and then moved on to the pumpkin.

This one is a little bit Pinterest inspired as we made it metallic pink instead of orange! 

Painting the card and conker metallic pink

Adding a Jack o'lantern face & gluing the conker to the card

Once we had made all our creations I glued some loops of twine onto the back of the card on each one so we could hang them up.

Our spooky decorations!

I threaded the decorations to a longer piece of twine to make some scary bunting, perfect for a Halloween party!

Scary bunting!

If you want to try some more Halloween crafts then check out my creepy candle jars and ideas for pumpkins too!

Monday, 1 October 2018

Artline Monday - Inktober daily drawing challenge

Who's ready to get inky fingers!?  It is the 1st October and that means it is also the start of Inktober!  I have heard a lot about this artistic challenge over the last couple of years but I have never joined in before so this is going to be all new to me but I'm really excited to get started!

The idea is to create a piece of art each day using pens and ink and share your drawings online with the tags #Inktober and #Inktober2018.  

My sketchbook and Artline pens

All you need to join in is some pens and a sketchbook or paper and the daily prompts to inspire you which I have added below.  The challenge is open to everyone no matter your skill level so don't feel like you have to be an amazing artist to take part, the whole point of Inktober is to get lots of people creating and enjoying drawing!

Daily prompts for the challenge

The prompts are just a starting point so you can interpret them however you like and the only rule is you must use a pen or pens to do your artwork.  You can sketch it out in pencil first if you like and then go over it with a pen or go straight for the ink, your drawings can be black and white, monochrome or colourful, it is all about celebrating your unique artistic style and it is up to you how you tackle this challenge!  

I am not a brilliant drawer, I feel like I used to be really good when I was doing my art A Level but since having children I rarely draw anything more than doodles which is a shame because I used to love filling my sketchbook with random creations and sketching things I had seen so I am looking at this month as a way to kick start my artistic side again!

The prompt for today is "poisonous" so I have been quite literal and drawn a bottle of poison, it is a bit wonky and not my best work but I'm hoping if I try to draw something each day I will improve by the end of the month.

Day one - poisonous

Whenever I take part in a daily challenge I like to get a little ahead of myself in case something comes up and I don't have the time to do it on the day so I have also completed tomorrow's challenge too which is "tranquil".

Day two - tranquil

I based this on a meditating Buddha and while it is quite simple I am happy with how he turned out!

So, will you be taking part in Inktober?  I will be sharing my drawings on the Artline social media accounts so make sure you are following them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to see what I come up with!

Happy drawing!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Planner Friday - September

Hello, it is Planner Friday again over on the Trendy Twine blog.  Please stop by and say hi!

Hands up, who is excited for October and Halloween!  I am!  This month I am setting up a couple of journalling pages in my travellers notebook to record all the spooky fun we are going to have over the next few weeks.  

Used but not pictured: Clear stamp block

October is one of my favourite months, the schools break up for a week, there's a ton of horror films on the TV and well, there's a lot of fun candy and treats to eat!  I started off by adding some washi tape to my pages and then glued in a mini calendar and mini index card so I can document anything I want to remember.  I also wanted to create some space on the other page for memories and a photo of us all dressed up for Halloween so I used some stamps from the Documenting The Everyday set.

Sweetie stamp from the Foodies set

Then it was time to break out my Happy HalloweenFoodies and Hello Fall stamp sets to add some decoration!

You can read the rest of my post here.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Artline Monday - Thinking of you week

Today is the start of Thinking of you week so there's no better time to grab your pens, paper and greeting cards and spread a little cheer!  If you aren't familiar, Thinking of you week is all about letting people know you care by sending them a card or letter to brighten their day!

Thinking of you

Last year I wrote about different ways you can join in with the fun so if you are looking for some ideas you can check out that post here.  I thought for today's post I would give you some writing prompts in case you want to get involved but have no idea what to actually write!  Sometimes looking at a blank piece of paper makes my mind go blank too, writers block is a real thing!

Favourite memory

What is your favourite memory of the person you are writing too?  Would it make them smile to remember the day you first met or became friends, a holiday you shared together or an event you went to?  Was there something funny that happened when you were together that still makes you laugh whenever you think about it now?  Remind the person you are writing to about these stories.


How lovely would it be to receive a note or card in the mail telling you something nice about yourself?  What is the best thing about your friend or family member, are they kind, joyful, strong or brave?  Do they have nice eyes or fantastic hair?  How does having them in your life affect you?  Why are you thankful for them?


Have you found a recipe you think they would like to make, cut it out and add it to your letter.  Have you read a good book or is there a piece art you love or a poem you would like to share?  Have you started watching a TV show you think they would enjoy or taken up a new hobby, let them know about it.

Share why

Out of everyone you could have written to, why did you decide to write to this person?  Do you miss them, do you want to arrange getting together again soon, are they your best friend or favourite family member?  Tell them!


Has something good happened to them recently?  Did they pass an exam or a test?  Have they gotten a new job, home or pet?  Or has something good happened to you?  Share it with them.

Your notes, letters and cards do not have to be overly long so don't feel like you have to write pages and pages, I am sure whatever you choose to write will be appreciated!

Decorating the envelope

If you want to make your envelope look a little special so it will stand out against the leaflets and bills when it is delivered you can decorate it.  I like using kraft colour envelopes and writing on them with my white calligraphy pen.  You can write the recipient's name and address as fancy as you like as long as the door number and postcode are clear so it is easy to deliver.  If you like metallic colours then you should try the Artline Supreme markers as they come in lots of different shades and won't run if they get wet as the ink is permanent.

Treats to add to your letter

You could add a small treat to your letter or card if you like, little things like pocket size notebooks, pens, postcards, bookmarks, tags and stickers will all fit easily through the letterbox and not weigh very much.  You could also add a tea bag or sachet of coffee for the person to enjoy while they read your note or a sweet treat to nibble on.  Think of this as an optional extra though, the main idea is to spread happiness through putting pen to paper so don't feel obliged to add anything else!

I hope you receive something nice in the mail this week!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Happy Cute Surprise Bag review and giveaway

Have you heard about Happy Cute It is a website that sells the sweetest products, from stationery to plushies, squishies, homeware and accessories plus so many things in between so if you like cute and kawaii things you should definitely go and take a peek at what they have to offer!  One of their products is a Surprise Bag which I have been sent to review for you today and if you would like to win one for yourself then fill out the widget at the bottom of this post to enter!

Happy Cute Surprise Bag

The Surprise Bags contain at least 15 items which are selected at random from the HC warehouse and cost approx £14.50 each including free shipping or if you want your parcel to arrive a bit quicker you could pay extra for a faster service.

Reverse side of the bag

The products come in a nice little drawstring bag which is chock-a-block full with goodies so let me show you what was in there!

Sweet box, purse, plushie & bead making kit

There was just so many things inside this bag that I loved!  The mix of products was good too, there were practical things like purses, socks and pocket mirrors as well as fun things like hair accessories, keychains and plushies.  The bead jewellery making kit provided an afternoon of crafting fun for my girls and they also nabbed the hair bow, clips and hair ties from me too!  

There were 15 items in my bag which means they all cost less than £1 each which is a real bargain!

Mirrors, hair accessories, keyrings, socks, bracelet & plushies

My absolutely favourite product is the rainbow alpaca, I have wanted one of these for such a long time so when I found this at the bottom of the bag I might have let out a little squeal!  It is all of my favourite things, pretty, plush, pastel and practical because it is a purse as well as a cute toy!  There is also a slot on the back to hold a bank card or travel pass and the key ring on the top is attached to an extendable cord making it super handy.

Okay, so if this bag is right up your street then pop your details below to enter the giveaway!  The more actions you complete the more entries you will receive!

She's Eclectic Happy Cute Shop Giveaway

If you have any questions about the bag let me know and I will try and help, oh and good luck!

Monday, 17 September 2018

Artline Monday - World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day is celebrated on the 21st September every year and it is a day to reflect on the things you are grateful for and appreciate about your life.  Focusing on what is good is a great way to stay positive and improve your mood so I thought for today’s post I would show you how to make a little gratitude journal to carry around with you so you can record what makes you happy and grateful.

Supplies and Artline pens

The basic idea behind this is a junk journal, we are going to make one out of scraps of paper, envelopes, paper bags and any little bits and pieces you have laying around.  You will also need some nice pens like my Artline brush markers and fineliners.

First of all you need to find something to make the cover of your journal.  I am using a card a friend sent me but you can use some pretty card or thick paper, just fold it in half to create your book shape and then look for things to fill it with to make the pages.  I have some sheets of patterned paper, old postcards, envelopes and a couple of paper bags I have kept in my craft supplies box that I am going to use in mine.  If you have an old book that is falling a part and heading for the recycling bin then you could take some pages from that to use in yours too.

Postcard, papers and envelopes

Put all your pages in the cover and fold them inside as if you were closing your book, then trim any overhanging pieces so the papers fit inside the journal.  It doesn’t matter if any pages are smaller than others, a junk journal doesn’t have to be perfect.  If you do use any paper bags or envelopes make sure they fit inside the cover without having to cut the sides and that you have the opening end facing the top of your journal so anything you pop in them won’t fall out.  I have also cut the folded tops off my envelopes so it’s not fiddly to put things in them.  I think I will use these pockets to store things that make me happy and remind me of good times like tickets to a trip we have been on or receipts for a nice meal we shared etc.  You can also write on the outside of the bags and envelopes as if they were pages inside the book too.

Arranging my pages

There are a few different ways you can bind your book, just do whichever is easiest for you.  You can staple them into place along the middle of the centre page or sew a couple of stitches with a large needle and thick thread.  I used a piece of elastic to secure mine placed along the centre fold and tied tightly around the outside of the cover. I cut two small slots at the top and bottom of the spine of my journal to hold the elastic into place and then trimmed off the excess elastic from the knot.

Securing the pages with elastic

Here is the view from inside my journal...

The elastic holds everything in place

To make the journal look a little neater I hid the knot on the spine using a kraft coloured sticker and it will also hold the elastic in place.  You wont need to do this if you stapled or sewed your pages. 

Hiding the knot

Now you have made your journal you can add some extra decoration to it!  I used a brush marker to write on my front cover. 

Writing on the cover

Then it's time to fill your journal with things to make you smile, pictures, doodles, quotes, memories and the things you are grateful for!

My first page

Happy memories

List of things I am grateful for

There is still plenty of space left inside my journal so I am going to carry it in my bag and jot down any things that make me happy and if I am having a bad day I can take it out and look at all of the things I am grateful for and hopefully improve how I am feeling.

I hope you like my idea and please let me know if you are going to make your own gratitude journal!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Artline Monday - Roald Dahl Day 2018

Ever since I was a child I have absolutely loved Roald Dahl's books so I couldn't let Roald Dahl Day go by without doing something special to mark the occasion!  It falls on his birthday, the 13th September and it is a day to celebrate the wonderful characters and worlds he created and the love of reading he inspired and is still inspiring in generation after generation of children.     

There are so many great Roald Dahl books that is hard for me to choose a favourite but I have always loved this quote from The Twits so I thought it would be nice to write it in my notebook using my fineliners and Artline Supreme brush markers as a little reminder to be kind and have good thoughts.

Roald Dahl quote with Artline Supreme brush markers

Mixing different styles of lettering, pens and colours creates an interesting look and adding extra outlines, swirls and spots shakes things up a little too! 

Okay, now let's move on to the craft project I have for you today, we are making dream jars from the BFG!  If you remember the BFG is a big, friendly giant who makes nice dreams for children by mixing good things together, capturing them in a jar and then blowing them into the ears of sleeping children using his special dream blower.  These jars will also make a sweet nightlight for little ones who are afraid of the dark as well as being fun to make! 

You will need:
  • a glass jar - storage, mason or an empty jam/pickle jar
  • Artline poster and/or paint markers
  • stickers for decoration
  • LED tealights
  • Glitter glue or glitter paint (optional)


In the book the dreams look like little colourful clouds and when they are caught in the jars they shimmer and shine which is why I added the LED tealights to mine to make them look extra magical but before we get to that part we have to decorate the outside of our jars.

Adding colour with my poster marker

You can decide with your children what kind of colours and design they would like on their jar, I started by painting the bottom of mine with one of the poster markers and then added some big, glittery flower stickers.  

Embellishing around the stickers

The base dried very quickly and then I used more poster and paint markers to create a whimsical pattern around the jar.  Both sets of pens work really well on glass and will stay in place once they are dry.

Drawing flowers

When my pattern was finished I wanted my jar to look more cloudy and less see through so I painted the inside of the glass with gold glitter paint (but you can use glitter glue if you like) and then left it dry.  
Pink and flowery dream

The last step was to turn on the LED tealight, pop it inside the jar and put the lid on.  Because the tealight is so small and battery operated the jar will not get hot whilst the light is on so it is safe to use overnight.

For my second jar I decided to deviate from the description in the book and I drew a woodland scene instead.  Again I used the poster markers to decorate the jar and this time I added some cute animal stickers too.

Creating a scene 

I think it looks like a perfectly nice dream to have!  

Woodland dream

Here are my finished dream jars, I can't wait to see how they look tonight in a darkened room with the lights flickering inside them!

My dream jars

I shot this short video of the jars with the lights on so you can see how they look when they are finished and lit up.


Please let me know if you have a go at making your own dream jars, I'd love to hear how you got on!  Also if you are on Facebook or Twitter tell us how you will be celebrating Roald Dahl day, you can find Artline here and here and I'm @Shes_Eclectic.

Thanks for stopping by!