My Organisers and Filofaxes

This collection has grown over the last few years!  It now includes Filofaxes, planners and Travellers Notebooks.

Standard Van der Spek custom orgainser with 30mm rings

A5 Apex in pink

Pocket Chameleon in raspberry

Pocket Amazona in black

Pocket Finsbury in aqua

Personal size Original in yellow

Personal size ochre Malden

Red compact Patent

I won this in a Facebook photo competition which you can read about here.

Personal size Willow

I was sent this binder to review by Filofax UK.

Personal Original in fluoro pink

I won this Original in the winter Filofax blogger challenge!  I gave away the yellow Patent compact as a prize.

Personal rose gold Saffiano 

Personal Websters Pages planner in white

Standard Van der Spek Nomad TN in Janet Leather (104)

Standard Earth green TN

B6 Meadowgate Leather TN in yellow

A5 Kikki K Sweet planner


  1. Replies
    1. Me too Christine, it is such a happy colour!

  2. Ugh, I just found your blog and I'm IN LOVE!!!! <3 Love from Dubai xx

  3. Hiya Amanda, I love that you use multiple Filo's, but how do you decide which contains what? Would love to use more than one but not sure what to put in!
    fab blogging!
    jo buckles

  4. Thank you Jo!
    I think I've ended up using multiple filos because I was experimenting with different sizes and then didn't want to waste the others by not using them for anything. I started off with the A5 Apex and that was ok but then I saw people using pocket size filos as their purses/wallets and thought that was a good idea as the Apex was too big to carry around with me so that's why I brought my pocket Chameleon. I was happy using the two like this for quite a while and brought the pocket Amazona because it was ridiculously cheap and it meant I had a choice for when I felt like a change.
    I read a lot of Filofax based blogs and saw that nearly everyone uses personal size so I ended up wanting to give that a go. I brought my Original and started using it as my main planner and just moved all my bills and paperwork into the Apex so it got some use instead of being left on the shelf. I switch between the Original and Malden when the mood takes me and still use the pocket sizes as my purse. I guess I use more than one because I have more than one and I don't want to waste them if that makes sense? I could probably fit everything into one filo but then I'd have four sat empty and doing nothing. If you can't think of what you'd need to use a second one for you could always buy another just so you can swap them over when you felt like it, not that I'm trying to enable you lol! ;)
    Sorry this was quite a long reply.
    ~ Amanda ~

  5. That Malden is gorgeous, I'll have to look into one!

    1. Thanks Elle, I think the Maldens are lovely!

  6. I am considering the Apex Personal in Fuchsia. it will be my first fee logo ever. I really like the way it looks. It will be used to organize all of my appointments, my daily to do list, and somewhat of a journal but not really. Do you think the apex is good for this type of thing? I've also been looking at the Saffiano personal.
    I don't know if I should get personal or the next size up a5. I also have a blog so I will have it as a blog organizer too.
    from your personal experience what would you suggest for a first timer such as myself?

    1. Hi, I'm not sure the Apex is still for sale. I think I remember it being in the last chance sale a little while ago to make room for new models like the Saffiano so you might have a hard time finding one.

      I started off using an A5 filo as my first but I soon found it got very full and too heavy to carry around with me so I downsized to personal which suits me a lot better. I did think that writing on personal size inserts wouldn't give me much space but I soon got used to it ;)
      I hope this helps.

  7. I see a first filo ever not first

  8. I managed to find an apex on eBay. When I started looking around for them I was surprised by how hard they were to find. Then I remembered what you said in your post. I was lucky I found one for US$30 on eBay. When I got it it was brand-new without the box. I think I am lucky I found one.
    My next will be an a5 malden or personal saff. I love the size of the personal, but I am finding I do not have a lot of space to write. I have the week on two pages inserts. I'm going to keep this one for a few months. If by Christmas I think I need a bigger one that will be my Christmas gift to myself.

    1. That sounds like a good idea! Which colour Apex did you manage to find?