Monday, 24 February 2014

My week #8

I always feel a bit naughty when I don't write my My Week posts on a Sunday but sometimes the weekends are too busy and I have to push it back to Monday.  So here are my pages, a little later than planned!

My week in my Filofax #8

Last week was great, it was half term so my eldest two were off school and we got to have some fun.  We went swimming on Monday and ended up spending most of the afternoon there.  We were all starving by the time we got out of the pool so we had a plate of chips each smothered in salt, vinegar and tomato sauce.  Honestly I don't know why they sell chips in leisure centres when most people go there to get healthy but they do hit the spot after a swim!

Close up

We had a couple of lazy days at home, watching dvds and playing Minecraft (my son is obsessed with that game!) and by Friday the weather had cleared up so we went to the park.  It was nice to spend some time outside after being cooped up.

Close up

On Sunday I was the Reader Under The Spotlight over on Philofaxy.  It was so fun to do and it feels pretty amazing to be published on such a popular blog!  I got some lovely comments on the post and a couple of messages from people saying they had enjoyed reading it which really made my day.  

Philofaxy Reader Under The Spotlight

How was your week?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

My week #7

I kind of ruined this week's valentines theme with my excitement for the mid season premier of The Walking Dead but it was worth it!  Luckily we get it shown here in the UK only one day after America so I didn't have to wait too long to see it.

My week in my Filofax #7

The whole week is kind of messy, everyone in the house came down with a bug so I didn't really have much time to spend on my pages.  Their main function is to keep me on track though so they did their job.  

Close up

Everyone was feeling better by Friday so we got to celebrate valentines day with a meal once the children were in bed.  My husband cooked his speciality - spaghetti bolognese and it was delicious as always!  

Close up

I finished my Faye Kellerman book this morning so I need some recommendations for what to read next please.  I like mysteries and chic lit but I'm open to other genre too so if you have read any good books lately let me know and I will see if I can order them from the library.


Friday, 14 February 2014

I'm famous! Well kind of...

This is so exciting for me I just had to share it with you!  My #filophotofriday challenge was mentioned in this fab video by Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat.  

I really enjoyed watching her set up but if you don't have a spare half an hour you can skip to 12:00 to see the bit I'm talking about and watch the rest later.  It is only about a minute long, blink and you'll miss it but I still think it's so cool!  

If you want to join in with #filophotofriday the prompt for today is I adore... and then share your picture with the tag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Oh and happy valentines day!

Monday, 10 February 2014

My week #6

This week's pages are a lot less pink but still girly.  I don't know if it is the giraffes or the washi bunting but it reminds me of a baby's nursery theme.

My week in my Filofax #6

I was watching Charlie and the chocolate factory with my children while I was decorating the pages so I had to add a quote from the film, "Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three" is one of my favourites.

Close up

#filophotofriday started on Friday, it was really nice to see your photos so thank you to everyone who took part!  If you missed it there is still plenty of time to catch up, the first prompt was home and the one for this week is I adore... in honour of valentines day.

Close up

The winner of my blogiversary giveaway received her prize last week and she was kind enough to send me a photo of the divider inside her Filofax to share with you so here it is.

Thank you Thy for the photo and thank you to My Pretty Filo for donating the prize.  I think it is lovely!

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Say hello to my Patent Filofax!

I don't know why there aren't many blog posts about the Patent, it is a really nice compact Filofax.  If you google it most of the results are actually about the Original organiser which came in a few patent colours as well as the standard leather finish.  Filofax announced yesterday that they are releasing some new colours in the Patent range this Spring so I thought I would tell you about mine.  

My Patent Filofax

First of all I will say how I ended up with a compact size organiser.  It wasn't another downsizing experiment, I am still very happy in personal size.  Just before Christmas Filofax ran a photo competition on their Facebook page, they wanted photos of people's filos with their Christmas trees.  I submitted this picture of my Ochre Malden nestled in the branches of my tree and won!  The prize was the Patent organiser.

My winning entry

I was really surprised when it arrived two days later.  I thought with it being Christmas Filofax would have taken a lot longer to post the prize but it was sent the same day as I won (thank you to the powers that be!).

Inside the Patent

It comes with the usual contents:

* week on two page diary
* Flyleaf
* white note paper - plain, lined and quardrille 
* coloured lined paper
* contacts
* to do lists
* top opening envelope 
* frosted ruler/page marker
* six dividers (I took mine out and now can only find three of them when I wanted to put them back in for these photos)

You are also supposed to get a nice front page in the same colour as your binder but mine didn't have one.  I think it looks great with the cover but I will probably make my own anyway so I didn't mind.

On the left

On the left there are two card slots, a flap pocket and a pen loop.  The loop is made from elastic in the same colour as the organiser, great for those chunky pens!  It is also lined in a nice matching fabric.   

On the right

On the right there is a full length vertical pocket.  As you can see from my photos the binder doesn't lay flat yet.  I haven't tried training it but I think it might get there over time with continued use.  It is better when you have pages on both sides of the rings as the weight of the paper helps push the sides down.

The view from above

The 15mm rings mean the Patent is a skinny girl and the PU leather look material doesn't add much bulk to her size.  Now I know "PU leather look" does not sound appealing but the material is quite soft and gives nicely under your touch.  It is not hard and does not feel like plastic, it's feels a little padded is quite tactile.  It reminds me of the patent black shoes I used to beg my mom for when I was little.  I loved how shiny and pretty they were and always felt great when I wore them, until I scuffed them at any rate and then there was tears.  This filo seems a little more hard wearing than those shoes, it has been carried around in my handbag for the last 5-6 weeks with no special care taken and there are no major scratches and certainly no scuffs! 

Look at that shine!

I love this shade of red and when Filofax described these organisers as "high gloss" and "high impact" they were right.  The shine on the Patent is pretty amazing!  I have never really been a red kind of girl but this Filofax has converted me.  I think of my yellow Original as a little piece of Summer that I carry around with me, this Patent has become my little piece of Christmas because the red makes me feel festive... yes even in February!  Carrying on with that theme I have just realised my ochre Malden could be my piece of Autumn so all I need now is a Spring organiser, maybe I should go and take another look at that press release I was talking about at the start of this post and see what I can find!  

Sunday, 2 February 2014

My week #5

My pages this week are far too pink and girly even for me!  I tried to tone it down with blue, purple and gold but it is still very pink.

My week in my Filofax #5

I had quite a busy week with lots of things to do and remember.  I did complete the last of them this morning but I forgot to tick them off before I took these photos.  I am planning on spending the rest of today relaxing and reading a good book - Faye Kellerman's The Beast for those who are interested.

Close up

Close up

I said last week that I had an idea I wanted to share with you, I did announce it on Thursday but just in case you missed it I thought I would mention it now.  I am starting a weekly photo challenge called #filophotofriday where you take one photo a week and share it on a Friday.  You can find all the info and the prompts for February here.  It will start on this Friday, the 7th February if you want to join in.

Have a great week and I hope to see some of your photos on Friday!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Filofax photo-a-day challenge, week four

The challenge is over, January went so quickly!  Here are my photos from the last week.

Day twenty-five - you are here

Birmingham, my home sweet home and my raspberry Chameleon.

Day 25 - you are here

Day twenty-six - yummy, yummy

I really love Jamaican ginger cake and a little preview of the theme for my pages this week.

Day 26 - yummy, yummy

Day twenty-seven - planner love

I forgot to add my red Patent filo to this group shot! 

Day 27 - planner love

Day twenty-eight - how big is it?

My lovely husband and children got me this camera for Christmas.  It is 14 megapixels which is great but I am still trying to get the hang of using it.

Day 28 - how big?

Day twenty-nine - too many!

A girl can never have to many foxy themed things!  I can't wait to use the stickers on my pages.

Day 29 - too many!

Day thirty - picture perfect

I think the packaging on my Loving Dot goodies and my Malden are picture perfect.  I can't remember the last time I got anything wrapped with brown paper and string and yes they did make me sing a stirring rendition of My Favourite Things!

Day 30 - picture perfect

Day thirty-one - reflection

The reflection of my Malden in my pocket mirror.  I really like how this shot came out.

Day 31 - reflection

Thanks for reading and have a great week!