Sunday, 16 February 2014

My week #7

I kind of ruined this week's valentines theme with my excitement for the mid season premier of The Walking Dead but it was worth it!  Luckily we get it shown here in the UK only one day after America so I didn't have to wait too long to see it.

My week in my Filofax #7

The whole week is kind of messy, everyone in the house came down with a bug so I didn't really have much time to spend on my pages.  Their main function is to keep me on track though so they did their job.  

Close up

Everyone was feeling better by Friday so we got to celebrate valentines day with a meal once the children were in bed.  My husband cooked his speciality - spaghetti bolognese and it was delicious as always!  

Close up

I finished my Faye Kellerman book this morning so I need some recommendations for what to read next please.  I like mysteries and chic lit but I'm open to other genre too so if you have read any good books lately let me know and I will see if I can order them from the library.



  1. Ooh! Good books; how come I know I have a suggestion but can never think of it when someone asks?
    Let me look in the Filofax....
    I read An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris, which was fun. I'm reading The Storyteller by Jodie Picoult which I think is going to turn out to be a WW2 soldier talking to a Jewish grandchild, but I've only just started that one. A friend recommended Perfect People by Peter James which they really enjoyed. Enough to go on with?
    And I love the fact that in the middle of a lovely and romantic week you have a big reminder of... The walking dead? Is it really good? We got Boardwalk Empire as our joint Valentine present so I'll be busy watching that (after the Olympics, of course)

    1. That's always the way isn't it! I love Jodie Picoult books so I think I'll give The Storyteller a go, I'll google the other two and see what they're about.
      The walking dead is brilliant, it is gory and I am squeamish but it's so much more than just a horror story. I was beyond excited for it to start again! I've always fancied Boardwalk Empire but we didn't have the channel it was on so it passed me by. I wonder if it will go on Netflix eventually?
      Enjoy the Olympics! :)