Here are some frequently asked questions and my answers:

Q: What size Filofax/organiser do you use?

A: I am using a standard size Van der Spek organiser at the moment.  It is the same size as a personal Filofax, you can see all of my collection here.

Q: Where do you get your planning supplies?

A: Mainly online from places like eBay, Etsy, and Artbox.  I don't really have any shops near me that sell stickers and washi tape and buying online means I can choose from a larger selection of products.  I do love to visit Paperchase when I get a chance though, I could spend a fortune in there! 

Some of my favourite Etsy sellers are: Mrs BrimblesCute Organizing, Happy Card FactoryCharlottesWeb86 and Filomania.  These shops are all run by lovely ladies so please pop by and take a look!

Q: Do you get paid to write this blog or review products?

A: Any products I review will have either been purchased by myself or I have been given them for the purpose of reviewing.  If I have received a product free of charge I will write a disclaimer saying so at the bottom of the post.  As of April 2014 I made the decision to display adverts on the blog but I will keep them to a minimum.  I do not want them to be "in your face" or distracting so I will keep them in the side boarders out of the way.

Q: Where did you get your Filofax charms from?

A: I brought the rainbow cake charm from NanoCandy on Facebook.  They make the cutest charms including cakes, cookies, lollies and Starbucks coffees.
I brought my Keep Calm charm from Shellybelly4evr on Etsy.

A: I brought the cute cupcake charm from Kawaii Studios on Etsy.  I also get all of my acrylic charms from her store too like this little roll of washi tape.  
The tassel is from Cloudy Cow.

Q: Where do you get the colourful hole reinforcements from?

A: I got them from Annie's Paper Boutique, I wrote a post about them here.

Q: Where do you get your planner stamps from?

A: The stamps are also from Annie's Paper Boutique, I think they are fab!

Q: Where do you get your cute dashboards from?

A: They are from Mrs Brimbles on Etsy.  I wrote about her products here.

Q: Where did you get your personalised name divider?

A: I brought it from My Pretty Filo, the listing for them is here.  I have had mine for ages and I still love it!

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