Monday, 10 June 2013

My pocket Chameleon Filofax - the tour

I have been using a pocket size Filofax as a purse for a few months now and it is working out really well for me.  I am still using my A5 Apex as my main planner as you can see in my weekly posts but I am considering moving down to a personal size.  I think my main issue with downsizing would mean I wouldn't need to use a pocket size anymore which would make the two I have redundant and I love them too much to leave them both sat in their boxes.  This post is about my pocket size Chameleon in raspberry.  

Here she is, my pocket size Chameleon

Is it weird that I think of my Filofaxes as she's?  I really can't help it, they just feel like girls to me and I dislike calling them it!  Anyway I adore the raspberry colour of this Filofax and the pattern too.  She looks like she is covered in lots of tiny hearts.  The leather is quite soft but still firm and has kept the lovely leathery smell well.   

The top view of my Filofax

Unlike my Apex this Chameleon is a skinny girl!  I do not have a big diary in here, only a month on two pages which barely takes up any room.

The pen loop is on the left along with five card slots

Getting coins out of the zipped section is really easy.  I had worried that it might be a tight squeeze but it isn't and I haven't had any trouble.  The pen loop is on the left on the Chameleon which means it is out of the way so I do not have to remove my pen before I can get to my money which is a big plus for me!

My month on two pages diary

My diary and page markers are both from Japan Corner on Etsy, like the dividers in my Apex which I wrote about here.  I really like how cute they are!

I also have a section of To Do list pages

I keep some To Do list pages in this section and behind those some note paper in case I think of something I need to remember while I am out and about.

Finance pages

The next section is for my finance pages.  I use them to keep track of my spending and what is coming in and going out.  I find these pages really useful.

How she looks today

Behind the card slots is a secretarial pocket which is where I am keeping my vouchers to use while shopping.  I also stick my shopping list onto the fly leaf at the front of the Filofax.  I use long sticky post it notes to write my lists in my Apex and then transfer it over on the day I do the weekly shop.

My other pocket size Filofax is an Amazona in black.  I will be writing about her soon but here is a peek inside for now.

My pocket size Amazona

It was love at first sight for me with both of these Filofaxes which is why I am having such a hard time trying to decide if I should move into a personal size.  I could set the A5 Apex up as somewhere to keep my bills and important paperwork so it would still be in use but I wouldn't carry around a personal and a pocket size Filofax in my bag at the same time.  I think I would put my cards in the slots in a personal size and use a small coin purse alongside it.  I have had my eye on the yellow Original and the aqua Malden in personal sizes since I first saw them on Philofaxy earlier this year but I don't know if I could love either of them more than my Chameleon or Amazona?  Hmmm I'm not sure if I will be reaching a conclusion any time soon!


  1. What a gorgeous color! I love what you've done!!

    1. It is a lovely colour and thank you DEM, you always say the nicest things! :)