Monday, 23 September 2013

My week #38

Oh my gosh it is Monday afternoon already, how did that happen?  I feel a bit naughty that I didn't get around to posting this yesterday but I was at a birthday party for most of the afternoon so I'm a bit behind now.  Anyway here are my pages for last week.  

My week in my filofax #38

I love the washi tape, pink and mint go really well together and the roses make me think of cute country cottages with white picket fences.

Close up

Close up

I feel like last week was really busy.  There were a lot of appointments to attend and things to do but most of them are out of the way now so hopefully this week will be quieter.  There are a couple of things I didn't get around to doing on Friday that I need to carry forward to this week but I'm trying not to be hard on myself.  Not completing a To Do list isn't the end of the world right? Right?