Monday, 2 December 2013

Philofaxy All Stars Guest Post: My Purpley Life's Planner Envy

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer. I blog over at and do a number of videos on YouTube.  I am so happy to have been given the chance to guest post for the Philofaxy All Stars Tour 2013 here on She's Eclectic. Just like Amanda, I too have planner envy. 

My Planner Envy is TeacherCandy. Photos of her planner can be found on Instagram @TeacherCandy. Candy is such a sweet, wonderful person and her personality really shines through her planner pages. She loves the color pink probably as much as I love purple. 

The pages she creates are cute and simple, with a minimalistic design and the use of kawaii stationery, pastel colors, washi tape, and stickers. 

Her handwriting is simply gorgeous. 

The pages look full without looking too cluttered. 

Something about her pages that I'm very drawn to is her use of sticky notes. Instead of writing directly onto the paper, she makes great use of her sticky notes. 

Thank you, Candy, for allowing me to share my envy for your pages. Thank you, Amanda, for letting me share my planner envy on your blog. 

-Jennifer Reyes

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Thank you for writing this post Jennifer and I completely agree with you, TeacherCandy's pages are beautiful!  I love following her on Instagram and seeing her creativity.  Everything is always so pretty and I envy her planner too!


  1. Love Candys pages, I think I have planner envy too!

    1. She really has an eye for design doesn't she!

  2. Such beautiful pages Candy! Wish I had pages as neat and pretty as yours!

  3. Ah what a trio of inspiration!
    'she's eclectic,'my purpleylife' and 'teachercandy' whom I hadn't heard of. Thanks to Amanda my love of all things stationery was reignited in 2013 & I look forward to getting a little crafty with making pages & dividers this year. Clearly Santa didn't see the A5 purple Malden on my wishlist but I'll try to be good this year- you never know...
    I LOVE this use of sticky notes & am thinking it would be good in our address sections since these change from time to time. Happy New Year