Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cool Pencil Case goodies!

Are you ready for a cuteness overload?  Well here it is!  Let me show you the fab goodies Cool Pencil Case sent me to review for you.

Goodies from Cool Pencil Case

Aren't they adorable? I will tell you about the pencil pouch first because it is my favourite.  As you can see when you remove the peas from the pod you are left with a very roomy pencil case.  The lining inside the case is a pale yellow that complements the peas nicely and the plush exterior is incredibly soft.  I find myself stroking it whenever it is within my reach!

Peas out of their pod

The website says the case can hold 20-25 pens, I popped 25 in easily and that included some of my bigger/fatter multi pens too. 

Full of pens

You can use the case in a number of different ways.  It holds plenty of pens if you remove all of the peas or you can leave them in and use it as a pouch to protect your phone when it is in your bag.  I quite like these guys guarding my mobile and cushioning it from any knocks and blows.  My phone is quite large but the pouch is big enough to hold it and the peas and still zip up.

Protecting my phone

If you want to leave one of the peas inside you have enough room for about 12 rolls of washi tape or you could hold correction tape, rubbers/erasers, a pencil sharpener and a couple of pens.  It is very versatile.

Holding washi tape

The Peas in a pod case costs $12.65 which is about £7.50 but that includes the three plush pea toys too so I think it is worth it.  I just love their little kawaii faces.  They are so cute and almost as soft as the pod pouch.

On to the Rilakkuma chocolate and coffee bubble and double stamp pen.... Rilakkuma is a sweet little bear character from Japan and he is really cute.  As you might have guessed from the name this pen actually has bubble mixture and a wand inside it so you can blow lots of tiny bubbles with it.  My inner six year old LOVES this pen, I mean bubbles are right up there with rainbows and unicorns for me!  

Both stamps in action

There is also a roller stamp on the top that prints little Rilakkuma bear heads and coffee cups with hearts on them.  The second stamp, which is hidden underneath the roller stamp, is of Rilakkuma's head and says "sweet to bitter" around the edge.  I used both of these stamps to decorate the pages in my Filofax last week.

The pen costs $4.65 or around £2.75 which is a bargain for a pen, two self inking stamps and some bubbles! It is available in pink, brown and yellow with each colour having a different design of roller stamp and all of them write in black ink.   

They go so well with my yellow filo and colourful journal

Cool Pencil Case have a great range of products for sale including fun stationery as well as lots of quirky pencil cases, I'm sure there is something for everyone there.  They offer a free shipping service within the US and a flat rate shipping fee for international customers so you can order as much as you like and not have to pay a more expensive fee.  Now is the perfect time to place a back to school order if you have children or if you just like fab stationery you could treat yourself... you know you want to!  

Oh dear, am I enabling again?


*Disclaimer - these products were given to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not paid to write the post and as always all opinions are my own.


  1. Cute!!! Love their stuff :)

    1. Thanks Candi, me too! I have a long wish list of things I'd love to order from them ;)

  2. Ha very cute! My pupils would be jealous if I brought that to school!

  3. Yes. And I am NOT LISTENING.

    But they are really cute, and Christmas is coming soon so I may go and look later just in case.

    1. Angel Jem I may be enabling but just said the C word in July! :p

      Let me know if you find anything you like.

  4. Oh those peas are so cute!! I love the pen too - the stamp looks pretty good!

    1. The peas are adorable and yes the stamps are good. I just wish I'd got the roller one to go in a straight line >.<

  5. Squeeee I have been waiting for this review ;) I am glad you answered the how do you get your pens in question x

    1. Thanks Anna, I can't get over how cute the pencil case is :)