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All things tech and beautiful - Nappa iPad Mini Case review for the Official Filofax Blog

This post was originally on the Official Filofax Blog in 2014, it was removed along with all their old content when they revamped the blog a couple of years ago.

Hi, I am Amanda and I write a blog called She's Eclectic.  I have been using a Filofax planner for the past two years and it has really helped me to get organised.  There is something about putting pen to paper that helps me remember things and I have never really gotten on with electronic calendars and apps.  That said I am a huge fan of technology!  I love my iPad so I was thrilled to be asked to review this new Nappa iPadmini case.  

Nappa iPad Mini Case

The case is made from luxurious, black, nappa leather.  It is incredibly soft and looks and feels expensive.  I think it goes perfectly with my ochre Malden Filofax because they are both classy and stylish.   

Perfect pairing

The case is designed to combine technology and paper so it comes with an A5 notebook inside.  I prefer to write ideas, lists and reminders on paper.  It always feels quicker than opening an app, waiting for it to load and then fighting with autocorrect to type what I want to say.  My pen doesn't second guess me!  I also find it more satisfying to cross something off a written list than it does to tap the screen when something is completed.

My iPad mini clips snuggly into the tablet holder and feels nice and secure.  There is a cut out section in the holder to accommodate the rear camera so once the iPad is in you won't have to remove it to take a photo.  You can also rotate your iPad 360 degrees while it is in the case so you aren't limited to only one position.

Making lists

Behind the notepad are lots of different size pockets.  I can easily carry my iPad, notebook, mobile phone, business cards, post-it notes and any paperwork I need inside the case.  There is even an elasticated pen loop too!  

A plethora of pockets

My favourite thing about this case is that the tablet holder rotates and it turns into a stand!  It is perfect for watching films hands free or scrolling through Facebook while having a coffee.   

Landscape position

Portrait position

There is a large pocket on the outside of the case, you could put your train tickets in here or anything else you want to keep handy.  I love the leather on this pocket because it is a separate piece to the case so there is no stiffener inside it. The texture is gorgeous and you can feel the quality of the leather.

External pocket

Being black the case can look both professional and fashionable, it wouldn't feel out of place in a boardroom or peeking out of a designer handbag!  The inside of the case is just as opulent as the outside.  The lining feels velvety smooth and soft and looks great contrasting with the full grain leather of the internal pockets.      

Classic Filofax stamp on the lining 

When closed the case measures 225mm tall by 170mm wide and just 25mm deep so it is pretty compact, in fact it's not much bigger than the actual iPad mini itself.  I have been using this case continuously for the past month and it has been everywhere with me.  I have thrown it in my handbag with everything else I usually carry.  It has been folded back on itself into a backwards Z shape by my lovely children (who aren't as careful with high end leather products as I am!) but there is no evidence of this on the leather, it still looks brand new! 

If you are looking for a case for your tablet or iPad there is a whole range to choose from in different styles, sizes and colours.  Why don't you pop over and take a look?

I hope you enjoyed my review!


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