Friday 7 August 2015

My Van der Spek custom organiser - a planner love story

My planner love story begins with an unassuming, plain box.  Well, I say it begins with the arrival of the box but to be honest it really started when I received my leather samples from Van der Spek a few weeks back.  As soon as I felt the quality of the leather and saw the colours available I knew I would fall pretty hard for my custom planner once I had designed and ordered it! 

Van der Spek custom organiser

I talked about what I wanted in my workhorse post, a binder with large rings, that would be hard wearing on the outside with a pop of colour on the inside and this beauty is what I ordered! 

My perfect planner

The outside leather is ciocolatto (6202), it is a lovely warm shade of brown and it feels incredibly soft and luxurious.


The inside leather is turchese nappa.  I hadn't ordered a sample of this originally as it wasn't available as an option but as soon as Petra announced the new colours I had to see what it was like compared to turchese (19) so I requested a sample.  It is the perfect shade of turquoise and I preferred the texture of the nappa leather so that is what I picked.  I went with the standard pocket configuration, six card slots on the left hand side, a small pocket and two full hight slip pockets.  On the right there is another full hight slip pocket and a slightly larger pocket.  The pen loop is elasticated so it will take a chunkier pen which is great!

Giant 30mm rings!

The 30mm Krause rings feel very sturdy and well made.  I can't get over how big they are!  I thought they would be a similar size to the ones in my Webster's Pages Colour Crush planner but they are larger and hold quite a bit more.

Full width back pocket

I added a full width back pocket to the organiser, I thought it would be handy for keeping any import letters or paperwork safe while I needed them or before I filed them away properly.

Contrasting stitching

With the custom organisers you are given the option to select the colour thread used.  I wanted contrasting colours so the turchese thread is used on the ciocolatto leather and the ciocolatto thread is used on the turchese leather.  You can see how perfect the stitching is in this close up!  I also love the little Van der Spek tag which is sewn inside the binder.

All moved in

I moved everything in as soon as it arrived, I am still tweaking my set up a little but it is working well for me so far. 

Here are a few more photos for you...

I really can fit my whole life in here!

Pockets, pockets, pockets!

My pen matches the nappa leather perfectly

I think I have found "The One"!  I didn't really believe in planner peace before, mainly because no one ever seems to find it for long but I'm hoping I have found it and it stays because this is the perfect one for me!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Tammy!! I can't wait to see yours :)

  2. Oooo I love it =] so many pockets

  3. I'm sooo very happy for you <3 It's a beautiful planner & like all the best things in life...worth waiting for :) xxx

    1. Thank you, I am over the moon with it!! It is so well made and worth every penny :) xxx

  4. Ohhhh my goodness, this is beautiful! The colors are amazing, the contrast stitching is amazing, the rings are ginormous, and the pockets are abundant...what more could anyone ask for?! :D

    1. Thank you Jessica! I love the colours and how they go together, it really is all I needed it to be :)

  5. A wonderful planner. Congratulations!

  6. Seriously gorgeous. I can see how you would achieve peace with this one.

  7. oh that turquoise colour, it's so stunning! I think I'm in love! I need a VdS in my life!

    1. Isn't it Olivia! It's my favourite colour <3 Have fun browsing the VDS website and playing with colour combos! ;)