Thursday, 24 September 2015

My week #37

Hello!  Technical difficulties have made me fall so far behind with my posts, I am trying really hard to catch back up with them now.  

My week 37 pages covered the week my eldest daughter went back to school so I only used washi tape to brighten things up and no other decoration.  I needed to leave myself plenty of space for reminders as things get hectic once school starts!

My week #37

I tried my hand at making banana bread, it took three attempts before I got something edible but once I'd figured out the timings and temperatures I was quite happy with it.  I am going to try and make some different variations of it now, maybe adding walnuts or chocolate chips before moving on to different recipes.  This time next year I might be a domestic goddess!   

Close up

Close up

Products used this week:

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  1. ooooh I love those pastel colours, beautiful washi too!

    1. Thank you Olivia, I love your new hair by the way!! <3