Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mother's Day gift - From you to me journal review

I mentioned the other week that I had been to the Spring Fair trade show and met some lovely new stationery suppliers, well one of them was From you to me and they make lots of gorgeous journals including their Journals of a Lifetime range.  I was asked if I would like to review one of their products for Mother's Day and of course I jumped at the chance!  

I chose their Dear Mum journal which is an ideal gift for all the wonderful mothers out there.  The idea behind this book is you give it to your Mum and then she fills the pages with all her memories and stories before passing it back to you to keep and treasure.

Dear Mum - From you to me journal

The journal is available in two different designs, this one is the sketch cover option and the other has a blossom tree on it so you can choose the one that you or your Mum would prefer.  I liked the sketch cover as I thought it was more fun and colourful but the blossom tree is pretty too.

An ideal gift for Mother's Day

The first page in the book explains the idea behind the journal, it is for your Mother's unique and amazing story!  

Capture some of life's key memories, experiences & feelings

Then there is a letter to your Mum, there is a space for you to write her name at the top and a place at the bottom of the page for you to sign it too.  The letter tells her about how to fill in the book and that you would like it back when she has finished so you can read and share her story.  

A letter to your Mum

Now if you are thinking that it would be quite hard for your Mum to fill a book full with the story of her life don't worry, the journal has over fifty questions and prompts to help her along the way.  Each one has two blank pages for the answer so your Mum would have plenty of space to write and even add a photo or drawing too.  I love that if your Mum is artistic she would have so much room to create something on each double spread or if they are wordy like me they would be able to answer in great detail without worrying about running out of space.

Two pages per question and ribbon bookmark

Each page has a little doodle in the bottom left corner

Here is a selection of questions and prompts from the journal:

  • What piece of advice would you like to offer me?
  • What was the first word or words you remember me saying?
  • Tell me about the time and place you were born...
  • Did you have an idol when you were young?  Tell me who and why...
  • Describe some of the memories you have of me when I was a child...

What interesting information do you know about other
people in our family?

In the introduction to the book it says that there might be a couple of questions that your Mum won't want to or can't answer and it is ok to leave these blank, the idea is they fill out what they can when they can so eventually you will both have a book full of her memories.  

There are a few more blank pages at the end of the journal for your Mum to add anything extra that hasn't been covered by the questions and prompts and finally there a couple of pages for your Mum to fill out her personal information (name, maiden name, date of birth, eye colour etc) and one for you to write a thank you message to her for taking the time to complete the book.

I really like this journal, I think it would be a fun project to work on and a real treasure once it is complete!  I would also like to mention that the paper quality of the pages is fantastic, it is nice and smooth and thick.  It would be a pleasure to write on.

The Dear Mum journal costs £13 and it is also available in Dear Mom and Dear Mummy versions.  In fact there is a whole range of different titles for all of your relatives and friends, you can check them out here

Thanks for stopping by and happy Mother's Day to all of the Mums out there!  

* Disclaimer - this product was given to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not paid to write this post and as always all opinions are my own.