Friday, 12 July 2013

July Filofax photo-a-day challenge, week two round up

These are my week two photos I have taken for the challenge.

Day six: Lunch time

My A5 Apex and my salad.  As salads go it wasn't that healthy but it was delicious!

Day six - lunch time

Day seven: Wish list

This Gillio companga in croco pink is on my wish list.  I chose this one for the challenge as I'm sure everyone already knows I want the aqua Malden when it comes out! 

Day seven - wish list

This image was taken from the Gillio website and is not my own.

Day eight: Inspirational 

Let go or be dragged, I find it hard to let go of things so this is just a little reminder to "inspire" me to relax and stop stressing about things I have no control over.

Day eight - Inspirational 

Day nine: Planning must haves

My Filofax and my stationery case.  The case is brilliant as it is big enough to hold pens, pencils, post its, paper clips, stickers and washi tape and still has room to spare!

Day nine - planning must haves

Day ten: Colourful 

I have changed the colour theme on my mobile to match my lovely yellow Original, I think they are very colourful together.

Day ten - colourful

Day eleven: Your name

My name is printed on the front cover of my dividers.  I have written about them before here.

Day eleven - your name

Day twelve: What's inside that pocket?

In the zipped pocket of my Original I have a plastic card with a selection of washi tape wrapped around it and a little pack of mini memo notes.

Day twelve - what's inside that pocket?

Thanks for reading and I will post my week three round up next Friday.  

There is still one day left to vote for the Philofaxy 2013 awards if you haven't voted yet please head over there and take a look.  I am currently in third place for both the Best New Filofax Blogger and the Best All Rounder so thank you to everyone who has voted for me!


  1. Where did you get your stationery case??? It's exactly what I'm looking for!!!

    1. Hi, I found it on eBay by searching "travel passport case" that should bring them up for you. I hope you find one :)