Friday, 19 July 2013

July Filofax photo-a-day challenge, week three round up

Week three is coming to an end already, here are my photos.

Day thirteen - Today's agenda

We went to a family party in Oxford on Saturday.  Seventy five miles each way in a car on the hottest day of the year so far but it was a brilliant day!

Day thirteen - today's agenda

Day fourteen - The leaning tower of Filofaxes

A small but growing collection.  My A5 pink Apex, personal yellow Original, pocket Amazona in black and my raspberry pocket size Chameleon.

Day fourteen - leaning tower of Filofaxes

Day fifteen - Handwritten 

I have been writing my packing lists for our holiday so I don't forget anything.

Day fifteen - handwritten

Day sixteen - Planning ahead

I have started filling out my August pages, planning some summer activities to keep the children busy.

Day sixteen - planning ahead

Day seventeen - Celebrate

I chose today for my celebrate theme as it is the last day of school and the summer holidays begin at 3.15pm! 

Day seventeen - celebrate

Day eighteen - Washi tape: yay or nay?

It has to be a yay for me, I love decorating my pages with washi tape.

Day eighteen - washi tape: yay or nay?

Day nineteen - Next month

I'm really looking forward to August, I am hoping for lots of fun in the sun!

Day nineteen - next month

Thanks for reading and I will be posting my weekly pages over the weekend.


  1. I was glad to spend the hottest day of the year on a beach and in the sea! Tricia wanted us to cut our holiday short for the party!!!

    1. It is a shame that the two clashed, it was a really nice day :) I was very glad that we didn't get stuck in traffic though, that would have been a nightmare!