Thursday, 2 January 2014

A look back at 2013

Last year I wrote myself a list of things I wanted to do to help me beat my January blues and to carry on throughout the year. 

This is my look back at 2013 how I did.

  • Be more organised.  Yes I think I managed this!  With the help of my Filofax (or two!) I was very organised last year.  My set up and planning style worked well for me so I will be sticking with it for this year too.  If it ain't broke... right?
  • Wear make up more often.  Erm.... nope, I still walked around some days without even a stroke of mascara!  I guess I feel like it is a waste of make up if I put it on when I'm not going anywhere and then the battle to remove it all before bed is just another hassle.  I do feel better about myself when I wear it though so maybe I should try again this year.
  • Take longer baths.  Ok so not every bath was as long and luxurious as I would have liked but I did manage more pampering ones than the year before so I can give this one a tick.
  • Paint my nails.  I  brought some pretty polishes last year and used them so I managed this one too.
  • Read more books.  I didn't keep a list of the books I read last year but off the top of my head I can think of nine.  There was five mysteries, two who dunits and two romantic comedies.  Even if I haven't forgotten any, I'm quite pleased with that number, it isn't as many as I used to read but it's a start.  This year I will aim for twelve.
  • Start drawing again.  I completely failed this one, the most I did was little doodles in my Filofax.  I just didn't find the time or the inspiration to do more.

I haven't written myself a list for this year yet, to be honest I'm still in Christmas holiday mode and not really thinking about the fact it is January but if I write one later in the month I will let you know!

Oh and a quick question! Do you like the new look of my blog? I felt like changing things up a bit and this is the result.  Please let me know if it is harder to read now, it looks ok on my computer and iPad but if it is a problem I will edit it again.



  1. The blog looks great! Can read it no problem :) I'm thinking of a change for mine too x

    1. Thanks lovely! I think I will still be tweaking it a little, I want the patterned area a lighter shade than this so it's easier to read the writing over the top of it but it wasn't changing much when I tried. I think I exhausted Blogger earlier when I was playing around with it and it stopped working properly ;)
      I like the idea of a new look for the new year, it's easier to change a blog than your own style. If you don't like it you can just change it back!

  2. Natural beauty is best. I'm sure you don't need all the make up. ;) My husband prefers I don't, but I understand what you mean about feeling a little better with a little on.

  3. I can read it just fine & I failed at more reading- my meds keep me awake but find it difficult to concentrate..rereceived a couple of books by Alice Munro thou gh so they would be a good place to start x

    1. Phew I'm glad it's ok, I was a bit worried.
      I have ordered a couple of books from the library so I'm just waiting for the to be available for me to collect. They're the latest Faye Kellerman and Jonathan Kellerman ones, I love murder mysteries >.< I can't wait to start them! I hope you can enjoy yours x