Monday, 28 April 2014

My week #17

Are you ready for another colourful week?  I don't know why but when I use these rainbow enforcements from Annies Paper Boutique I just have to splash my pages with colour to match them!

My week in my Filofax #17

The quote I used this week was "Today is a gift" yeah I'm quoting Kung Fu Panda now and using stickers to match it!  The whole thing goes:

Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, 
but today is a gift, 
that's why it's called the "present".

Ok, so I know it was said by an ancient cartoon tortoise but it still feels quite profound to me.  I like to remind myself to enjoy the now instead of worrying about things I can't change either in the past or future. 

Close up

I was going to use the stickers I brought from Artbox to highlight important dates in my diary but I liked them so much when I opened them that I used one for every day this week.  Can you see I followed the colours of the rainbow with them too?  Except for pink at the end that is, I couldn't find two different shades of purple so I went with a pink one.  Look at me, breaking the rules!

Close up

I have toned down my pages for next week so you wont be needing your sunglasses but you might need a pocket watch and a small piece of cake...

Thanks for reading!

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