Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#filophotofriday - April round up and May's prompts

Apologies, when I usually write these posts I include photos that other people have taken for my challenge.  Today I'm having a technical issue with Instagram and it won't load the photos when I search for the #filophotofriday tag so I can only show you my pics.

4th - pink

My Easter week pages were very, very pink.  I love the rabbit washi tape and the fun hole reinforcements.


11th - happy

I know I already showed you my cupcake charm during this post but it was upside down in that photo and I really wanted to show it off the right way round!  Look at that little smile!  It definitely makes me happy.  If you want your own cupcake charm you can contact Ruth through her Etsy shop, she's lovely and very helpful.


18th - Easter

You can't get much more Eastery (that's a word right?) than a hot cross bun and a chocolate bunny!  I ate the bun after I took this shot but the rabbit went back in the cupboard because it wasn't Easter Sunday and I'm a good girl.


25th - treat

A big mug of hot chocolate and an almond croissant is one of my favourite treats.  


Here are the prompts for May, anyone with any kind of planner can join in.  

May's prompts

Take your photo during the week and then share it on Friday with the #filophotofriday tag on Instagram and Twitter.  Thank you to everyone who played along this month!  I did see your photos as they were posted, it's just today when the feed wouldn't refresh for me to choose my favourites to share.  

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Amanda! Posted my filophotofriday pics on both the 18th and the 29th, so if you want to see them, they're there! Got my Alice stickers today, so that bit of "happy mail" was a very nice surprise!... Next photo theme is eclectic? Hmmmmmm.. I have to think about that one! Have a great week! ~tina

    1. Argh I totally forgot to check the blogs for pics! I was in a bit of a hurry to get this post up in time for Friday >.< Sorry!
      I love those Alice stickers, they're so sweet. I'm glad you managed to get some.
      I thought eclectic would be quite easy, a selection of different things together in one photo? Lol I guess I will see what everyone comes up with on Friday x