Monday, 25 August 2014

My week #34

Hi!  I went with a simple floral theme this week, I got the washi tape in my Linky Box last month and loved the yellow and peach combination.  The quote I used was "End of summer winds make people restless".  I know it isn't Autumn until nearer the end of September but as the school holidays are nearly over it does feel like the end of summer now. 

My week in my Filofax #34

I announced the winners of my giveaway yesterday, no one has claimed their prizes yet so if you entered check here to see if it is you.  If the prizes aren't claimed by Sunday 31st August I will draw new winners.

Close up
Close up

As you can see from the feelings stamps I used the start of my week wasn't great.  I don't really want to go into too much detail, mainly because it's boring instead of private but there was some trouble on the street where I live and property was being damaged.  I think the police got to the bottom of it as it stopped on Thursday and, fingers crossed, everything has been ok since then.  I just think if I am going to use journalling stamps I should record the bad as well as the good otherwise what is the point.  

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  1. So do you use your filofax for journaling as well as organizing/planning?

    1. It's mainly organising and planning but I like to use these stamps just to record how I felt each day. I do have some handy journaling cards I can fill in if I want to go into more detail about a specific day/event and then I punch that and stick it in my filo too.