Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Linky's splendid stationery box - October '14

Are you ready to see what was inside my latest Linky box?  For those of you who don't know what a Linky box is, it is a monthly box jam packed full of lovely stationery!  It is not a subscription service so you can order one at a time or pre order boxes for the following months too, it is up to you.  Leah the owner of www.linkysdream.co.uk packs each box with care and she selects products that she thinks you will love.  Each box is different instead of everyone just getting the same things!   

My parcel arrived in this jelly bean wrapping paper,
it is so colourful and fun!

Under the lid was a thank you for my purchase
 card and a sprinkling of

My first glimpse inside!  I love the trail of
glitter card.

I got this beautiful rose dashboard, some sweeties
and a pack of notepaper.  I really like
 the quote on it.

I also got my own wand, how cool is that?  The blue
heart is a pencil sharpener and the glittery
shapes are stickers. I love my kitty cat 
paper clip, pink pen and the flower charm too.

Inside the floral envelope were all these cute
bits and pieces.

There was also these stickers, note papers
and cards.

I got a set of project life cards, a Vogue postcard
and the glitter quote card.

Look how many parcels I had to unwrap this month! 
It was so fun tearing them open.

In the first four parcels were these super cute planner stickers,
a roll of rose washi tape, a roll of heart deco tape
and this lovely hot air balloon notebook.

There was also this Pilot fountain pen with
blue ink.

Look, look, look.... foxes!! I was so happy when I opened
one of the parcels and found this notebook!  It
matches the rubber/eraser that was also in 
the box this month.

The last few bits were this owl sticky note set, some pretty
page flags and a roll of stickers too.

I am so pleased with everything I received, there is nothing in here that I don't like or wouldn't use!  If you don't have a Filofax you can have a box with just stationery pieces in it and none of the planner bits and when you order there is a section for you to fill in to let Leah know the kind of things and colours you like too.

If you would like to see what I have had in my previous boxes you can read about them here or you can see what Mrs Brimbles has got in hers and what Angel Jem got in her one here.  

I would love to know what you got in your box if you have ordered one before, please let me know in the comments or leave me a link to check out.

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  1. Omg everything is just so pretty. Love the notepaper, stickers and sticky notes. Infact I love everything :D


    1. Thanks Joanny, me too!

      I've bookmarked your blog for me to read later ;)

  2. What a super neat idea! Love it all.

  3. Oh my gosh I cannot begin to explain how jealous I am, I only just missed out on the October box and I have to wait a month still for my first one. I can't begin to explain how excited I am!!


    1. Oh no Adele, you must be on pins waiting for your first box! Will you be writing about it? I'd love to be nosey and see what you got ;)

    2. I definitely will be writing about it!! everyone needs to see how great they are :)

  4. I got my box too but I must say I was a bit disappointed. I have watched and read others reviews about their october boxes and I think they have got nicer items than I did. Others have got nice thick journals and notepads etc. I got just slim booklet. Well, that was just my first linkys box and I have ordered also november and december boxes so I have to see if those boxes woud be nicer :(

    1. I'm sorry you were disappointed Susu, I hope you are happier with your next two boxes. I have been really pleased with all of mine and that's why I share them on here.
      Maybe you could email Leah and give her more idea of what you would like or you were hoping for?