Saturday, 2 May 2015

Diary day - Leuchtturm1917 notebook overview and giveaway! *now closed*

It is Diary day!  I am using two at the moment, the one in my Filofax which is for my appointments, reminders and to do lists and the other is this mini Dodo Pad (in it's own leather slipcover) which I use for recording my husband's work hours.  I keep his hours in a separate diary because they can change quite often and he has to wear a different uniform depending on where he is each day, all that info would take up too much room on my Filofax pages.  The other reason is because he can check the dodo pad when he needs to and not have to riffle through my bright pink planner! 

Diary Day - my Filofax and Dodo Pad

So on to today's giveaway which is for this gorgeous berry colour medium size notebook from Leuchtturm1917 .  I really love this, I have added it to my ever growing wish list (a list that has tripled in size since National Stationery Week began!).  I would add a bright lime green Leuchtturm pen loop to mine, as you can see above pink and green is one of my favourite colour combinations!

Berry Leuchtturm1917 notebook

If you haven't seen inside one of these before let me tell you the highlights

  • The pages are numbered. 
  • There is an expandable pocket in the back, very handy for your bits and pieces.
  • It has a table of contents so if you use it for revision notes or as a journal you could record which info or month was on which pages for easy access.
  • It has a coordinating page marker and elastic band fastener.
  • Ink-proof paper, perfect for us fountain pen fans!
  • Stickers for labelling and archiving.

I haven't written in this notebook as I want it to be brand new for the person who wins it but I have looked at the quality of the paper and it is very nice.  The pages are thick, smooth and a shade of cream that looks so much more luxurious than white!  The notebooks are available with lined, squared, dotted and plain pages, this one is plain so you can use it for whatever you like.  It comes with a lined and squared backing sheet which is a nice touch.  I always end up writing on a slant when I write on unlined paper so if you are like me this will keep your pages nice and neat.  The notebooks come in a wide range of colours, I love the yellow and all the shades of blue too!

Gorgeous selection of colours
Image taken from

If you want to win this notebook all you have to do is comment below telling me what you would use it for.  I will number all the comments and then use to pick a winner. 

The rules: 
  • Leave a comment telling me what you would use the notebook for - one entry per person please.
  • The giveaway ends at 12pm UK time on the 10th May 2015 - entries after this time will not be added to the draw.
  • The winner must contact me within 7 days to claim their prize or I will have to draw a new winner.
  • This giveaway is open internationally.
I would like to thank Leuchtturm1917 for supplying today's prize and if you would like to find out more about them and their products you can check out their Facebook page, find them on Twitter and on their website.

Tomorrow is the last day of National Stationery Week, come back then for my final giveaway!


  1. Another lovely review and giveaway! I would use this notebook as a journal. I have a diary for recording dates, events but I would love to start a journal where I could write down my thoughts, ideas, inspirations whenever - maybe not every day but when I have time to sit down with a cuppa and my notebook!

  2. I would use the notebook to keep a record of all of my appointments, I'm always forgetting to go to something! xxx

  3. I think I would use it for bullet journal - I was thinking about this way of planning for some time.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway, it's a beauty! I would use it for brainstorming ideas for my blog. I just find pen and paper so much better for that than on my computer as I have less distractions.

  5. Oh my, I am totally obsessed with Leuchtturm notebooks. I currently have a purple lined one that I use alongside my planner. Couldn't live without it.

    The berry colour is gorgeous! I haven't got a plain one yet. If I did, I'd probably use it to practise my lettering by writing quotes I enjoy. One quote per page or double spread and I'd use the contents pages to help track the quotes.

  6. I haven't heard of this notebook before but they look and sound amazing!

    I like to journal and my current one is almost full. This one would make a great replacement.

  7. I would use this notebook for notes for the novel I am writing. It would be awesome to have numbered pages!

  8. I love this giveaway! I think I would use this notebook for bullet journal.

  9. This darling notebook would be used to house the growing number of list challenges I've been undertaking lately. Adding bits of washi tape and journaling cards would be so easy...and I adore grid paper!

  10. I would definitely use mine as a blogging notebook to plan out posts and sort out ideas!

  11. I would use that notebook as a journal. I've been reading lots of blogs lately about improving productivity etc and I'm really taken by the idea of starting a journal to hold myself to account as it were so this would be absolutely perfect!

  12. I would use it for notes for a course I'm doing, I find it difficult to keep these organised & to the point - am hoping such a beautiful item would help me with this (love all these wonderful items I'm discovering this week!)
    Sheila Reeves @CakeReev

  13. Yay I love theae notebooks. You can never have too many. I will use mine a journal.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  14. I would use it as a quote journal. ;)

  15. I would use it to record our favourite bits of family days out, so in a few years we will have a book full of memories to look through as well as photos!

  16. To write blog ideas and notes when im out and about.


  17. Love the green pink combo too & I had 1 of these books once & agree, the paper quality is lovely & the no. pages, contents list & fold out section make it easy to keep ogranised. I would use it for a comprehensive pet care book; emergency vet info, suppliers ( for food bedding etc) , vet appts & pepper it with some cute little pics :-) Thanks for organising the giveaway xxx

  18. I would use this notebook as a food diary as I am currently trying to get back on the weight loss wagon and writing everything down is the easiest way for me to do it xo

  19. Let me just say that I found this blog post of yours by fate! I just found out about this "bullet journaling" recently and I just fell in love with the ingenuity, simpleness and neatness of it. It inspired me to be more organized with my life, especially with my studies. I am currently a third year medicine student and this notebook would be perfect for my bullet journal that I am planning to start by June (school term usually starts at June here in the Philippines). I have perused a lot of blogs and Leuchtturm notebooks seems to be the crowd favorite. But I had a hard time finding a place to buy it here, and turns out that it is very expensive. I would really like to use this notebook, I would use it mainly as a journal to record the happenings and events that would occur on the last hard years of my medicine studies, now that I am more mature, more free and happier than ever. I would use it to take diligent notes and schedules of my hospital work and importantly to be organized and smart in planning and scheduling my study periods in between hectic hours. I would also like to use it to take into account the things that I eat and the things that I buy coz losing weight and saving money is an important goal for me this year. Thanks for the opportunity. Godbless!

  20. I think I'd use it to help with my wedding planning! It'd be lovely to have a little note book to carry around and jot down all my to dos (so many!!) and all my ideas and lists.
    And the berry colour is perfect, as it's actually very close to one of my wedding colours!
    I've been wanting to try one of these lovely notebooks for a while!

  21. Oh I think because of the numbered pages it would be bullet jounral related, I love the colours and have yet to won one, been on my wl for a while x

  22. I love Leuchtturm notebooks!
    I'd use it for note taking at workshops!

  23. Christine again. I'd use it for plotting a novel.

  24. I'm currently using a Hobonichi but starting next January I would use it as a bullet journal. I'm thinking of starting a Happiness Journal (in which I write down a few things each day that made me happy) so this would be good for that as well. :)

  25. Thanks for opportunity to win this most delightful journal. I am about to start writing a children's book so I would use the journal to write the story and maybe, if I dare, the illustrations too. Nice to meet another stationery addict. :)

  26. I would use it for writing notes and ideas for short stories and books.

  27. It's a toss up right now as to what I would use this for. I have lots of ideas, but I think it would be a project notebook. I need somewhere to put all the house projects, in one place, with all the info together.

  28. I'm a chronic list maker so this would be invaluable x

  29. I love notebooks and lists. I am a bit OCD about lists and post it notes. When I read the newspaper or even a book I use post-its to mark interesting words, recipes, comments, articles and so on. It is so easy to forget them otherwise.
    I never go shopping without a list and I have a notebook of all the things I need to take with me when I go away. I even have a little book at the side of the bed for those midnight ideas that jump into my head without warning.
    As you can see, this delightful notebook would be going to a very good home if I was the lucky winner. xxx

    1. Thanks Chris, you are no.29!

      Oh and I'm totally OCD with lists too ;)