Saturday, 9 May 2015

My week #18

I know I am really late sharing my week 18 pages but after all the posts I wrote for National Stationery Week I decided to have a little break before writing this one.      

My week in my Filofax #18

So everything in my planner pretty much revolved around #NatStatWeek, I used one of the Check It Off planner stamps to highlight the theme for each day and wrote myself separate to do lists under those headings for my blog related tasks.  I kept my usual to dos and reminders on the left hand side of each day so it was easy for me to see what I had going on while I was so busy.

Close up

Even though it was a hectic week I still had time to join in with the fun online.  I met some really nice people and discovered some new brands and companies I hadn't heard of before.  My stationery wish list has also quadrupled in size and I seem to have developed a new notebook obsession! 

Close up

If you haven't entered any of my giveaways yet here are the links for all seven:

Day seven - write a letter day, win a set of Nu Notebooks

Be quick though as they all finish at 12pm UK time tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your pages Amanda. They are so pretty as always.
    I am hosting a blogiversary giveaway on my blog. Would love for you to check it out :) Here's the link

    Joanny :)

    1. Thank you Joanny! The link didn't work but your blog is in my browser history anyway from your handwritten post for #NatStatWeek ;)

      If anyone else wants to take a peek at it copy and paste this link

      Congratulations on your first blogiversary!!

    2. Thank you 😊

      Joanny 😊