Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Six months in my Van der Spek organiser - the love story continues

So I have been using my Van der Spek custom organiser for the past six months now and I am still completely smitten with it!  I love the 30mm rings and how much they hold, I love the colour combination I chose and I love seeing how the leather slowly changes as it ages and with use.  

Six months old

Can you believe that I haven't wanted to change my binder at all the last six months?  I used to swap between my Filofaxes all the time but I haven't had the urge to since I moved into this beauty.  I haven't brought any new planners (apart from the three I am giving away for my blogiversary but they don't count as they aren't for me!) or even been tempted to so I guess splashing out on my dream planner has saved me money. 

Developing a shine

You can see here that the outside leather has started to develop a shine, it is hard to capture properly as it is still gloomy here but it is definitely shinier than when I first got it.

Top view

When I was designing my planner I ummed and ahhed over adding the big back pocket but I am really happy I did.  I use it for keeping all sorts of letters and papers in before I file them away properly or transfer the info onto my pages.  This photo also shows just how much the 30mm rings can hold!

The back view

I wanted my VDS to be my workhorse and it is.  I haven't tried to keep it perfect, I have just used it and that has been quite refreshing!  It has been caught in the rain with me but those spots dried away to nothing and the only mark on it at the moment is a darker patch on the right had side (just below the middle) on the back of the binder which happened when it came into contact with an unidentified liquid.  

Perfect stitching

The stitching inside and out is still perfect, the turchese thread has kept it's colour and pops against the ciocolatto leather.  I love the contrast of the two together.


Inside is still the same as the day it arrived apart from the indents on the leather from the rings and they don't bother me at all.  There is no wear and tear on any of the pockets or card slots, this thing was made to last and it shows!  

When I brought this organiser I was planning on doing a monthly or quarterly update on how it was ageing but it is made with such quality leather that six months of constant use have gone by and it still looks pretty much as it did the day it arrived.  Any changes it has gone through have been subtle and I doubt I would have been able to capture them in a photo before now anyway.  At the moment I can't imagine ever wanting to move out of this binder, I don't even want to order another one from Van der Spek because I got everything I wanted to in this organiser and I found the perfect colour and leathers for me so nothing else takes my fancy.  I have found planner peace!

I have ordered something else from VDS though with my Christmas money but it is not a planner or an organiser!  That is all I am saying for now but I am hoping it will be with me soon so I can show you!

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  1. I love the inside color! I like the idea of the full sleeve in the back. Those are handy, unfortunately, the planner I have that has that back pocket, the rest of the planner just doesn't work the way I need it to.

    1. Thanks Cori, it's my favourite shade! Yes I love the back pocket, it stops me loosing things all the time if I pop them in there. I'm sorry your one isn't working for you.

  2. I’m having turchese inside mine,it looks gorgeous