Thursday, 7 January 2016

2015 - My Weeks #51 & #52

Hello!  Happy new year!  I've blinked and suddenly it's 2016 and I have gone a couple of weeks without posting anything, yikes!  Christmas flew by so quickly and now I find myself with a touch of the January blues, but they won't be around for long because the 8th January is my blogiversary and She's Eclectic will be three years old!  As I mentioned before I will be running some giveaways to celebrate so I am really looking forward to showing you what the prizes are, I hope you like them.  Make sure you check back here tomorrow for details of the first giveaway!

On to today's business, I want to share my final two weeks of 2015 with you!

Week #51

This week was really busy, I didn't even have a chance to use my regular planner stamps.  I ended up hand writing my to do lists and reminders and it all looks a bit messy but it kept me on track so I'm not complaining! 

My week #51

As usual the school packed everything into the last week of term so I was up there for two concerts, two Christmas discos and a couple of special assemblies as well.  I was so relieved when they broke up for the holiday and I could finally relax a little!

Close up

Close up

Products used:
Van der Spek custom made organizers - 30mm standard size (personal)
Cloudy Cow green glitter washi tape
Kawaii Studios planner charm

Week #52

Christmas week was much calmer, most of my reminders were to do with Christmas lunch and when to prep and prepare things for it.  I only have a small oven with one shelf so cooking a big meal for five of us needs to be planned properly ahead of time or it could be a disaster!

My week #52

I have a separate timetable in my Dodo Book Of Christmas where I have broken down all the things I need to do in advance for Christmas lunch so I followed that and just popped a few reminders on my diary pages so I wouldn't forget them.

Close up

Close up

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