Sunday, 31 July 2016

My week #26

This week I used the last of the vertical layout sample pages I was given by Kirsty from Just So Stationery.  They were dated for the beginning of June so I used a bit of correction tape to change the numbers which you can see but it doesn't really bother me.   

My week #26

I also decided to use the Evening sections differently this week, I covered up the headings with a strip of washi tape and added my own.  They are Happiness, Brain Dump, Finances, Shopping List and Thoughts.  I liked having these little spaces for notes and reminders and it made the inserts work even more for me. 

I am very tempted to order some more of this style layout, I have really enjoyed using them!  I do already have a set of Just of Stationery horizontal pages that will last me until the end of the year though and I don't want to waste them (I hate being wasteful!).  I will have to make my mind up soon or it will suddenly be 2017 and time to buy new inserts anyway!  

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  1. I really like the idea of this layout, but I've already changed my page layout once this year! lol!

    1. I've stuck with the same layout for the last three years so it was nice to change things up, I'm still undecided whether to stick with the horizontal until the end of the year or not though!
      What kind did you switch to?