Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My favourites - 2016

Hello!  Happy New Year!  I wanted to kick things off with round up post of some of my favourite products of 2016.  

Favourite pen

So it has to be my Lamy Safari fountain pen I was given to review last year.  I love this shade of green, it reminds me of the first shoots of spring every time I use it! 

Lamy Safari fountain pen

Favourite planner

My favourite is still my Van der Spek custom organiser, it's coming up to 18 months in this planner now and I'm still very happy in it.  The leather has developed a nice shine with continued use and it still smells fantastic.

Van der Spek custom organiser

Favourite pencil case

I used to have one of these in pink but after a couple of years it was a bit grubby and looking worse for wear so I replaced it with this lovely blue one.  As far as I know these do not have a brand name, I found mine on eBay by searching for a "travel passport case" and hundreds of them popped up!  They have so many handy little pockets and slots for my stationery, perfect for on the go planning.

Pencil case

Favourite stamps

I'm cheating a little here and picking two sets of stamps as my favourites this year!  I love these Documenting the everyday #1 and #2 sets, I use them all the time in my travellers notebook.  I think they are really fun and brighten up journal entries.

Documenting the everyday stamp sets

Favourite colouring pencils

No one is allowed to borrow my Staedtler noris colouring pencils, they are mine, all mine *insert maniacal laugh here*  they are such vivid colours and blend beautifully on all different types of paper!

Favourite notebook

I have a little notebook addiction, if I spot a pretty one I always buy it even if I can't think of a use for it straight away.  This gorgeous shimmer accents notebook from Go Stationery is very stylish with it's gold polka dot cover and the luxurious cream paper inside is thick and smooth to write on.

Go Stationery Shimmer accents A5 notebook

That's it for my 2016 favourites, I can't wait to share with you some new bits and pieces I find this year too!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your VDS! Pretty and functional and I want to look through it. Wrong, right?

    1. Aww thank you! Haha I always want to look through people's planners so I don't think it's wrong ;)