Saturday, 29 April 2017

Signature Saturday - Sheaffer 100 rollerball pen review

Ok, so today is Signature Saturday and what do you need to write your signature?  A really nice pen!  Sheaffer are an official sponsor of National Stationery Week and I was given a couple of their Sheaffer 100 pens to use so today I am going to show you this beautiful rollerball one. 

Sheaffer 100 rollerball pen

The barrel of the pen is a stylish translucent red and coordinates nicely with the brushed chrome cap and nickle trim.  It is timeless and sophisticated and would look right at home in a briefcase, on a desk or in a handbag.  The pen comes in a luxury gift box making it a perfect present for any stationery fan.

In the gift box

Sheaffer have a long standing reputation for producing classic and timeless designs with the finest finishes and high quality inks.  In 1924 they introduced the White Dot to symbolise quality and excellence and today it is on every pen they produce making them instantly recognisable.  

Brushed chrome cap with the Sheaffer White Dot

I tested this pen out on Monday as part of my post for Pen and Pencil day and said that the rollerball ink skipped a little but once I had used it for a while longer it started to flow more freely and now it writes beautifully.  I love how pigmented the black ink is too, it really stands out against the white paper.

Black rollerball ink

Do you own a Sheaffer pen or have a favourite pen for signing your name?

I will be back tomorrow for the last day of National Stationery Week, how has it gone by so quickly?

*Disclaimer - This product given to me free of charge by Small Man Media for the purpose of National Stationery Week.  I was not paid to write this post and as always all opinions are honest and my own.

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