Wednesday, 26 April 2017

World Stationery Day - oh the possibilities!

Happy World Stationery Day!  Are you doing anything special today to celebrate?  I have been thinking this morning about why I have a serious stationery addiction and I have come to the following conclusion, it is because a single piece of paper and a pen can change the world.

Happy World Stationery Day!

You might think I am waxing lyrical but I'm not.  Nearly every great speech started off with an idea, a piece of paper and a pen and the desire to create a change.  I can't imagine a poet sitting at a typewriter or computer to get their thoughts on a page, I picture them with a dogeared notebook and a pencil.  Great pieces of art, love songs and stories have began with paper and something to make a mark on it!  

Each new sheet of paper has oh so many possibilities, all you need to do is grab a pen or pencil and start writing or drawing and make your mark.  Each new page is the chance to start again, a clean slate to do something different, to create something, to inspire yourself or someone else, to create some kind of change and I really think that is something pretty amazing!

If you make a mistake you can cross it out, rub it out, scribble over it, cover it in correction tape or with a post-it note or you can just screw up the paper and start again on a new piece.  There is always a way to fix your error!    

Plans and inspiration

So, you might be wondering why I have so much stationery if it only takes a pen and paper to change the world.  Well my answer to that is I just love it!  I love having pens with different inks, in different colours, that write differently on the page.  I like to have lots of notebooks with different papers in them, I like to have paper that is good for drawing on, paper for watercolours and paper that can handle fountain pen ink.  I like to have colouring pencils and drawing pencils so I create something from a blank page.  Stationery is the starting point to my creativity and it inspires me more than a blank computer screen ever could! 

If there was ever a time for you to pick up a pen or pencil and make your own mark it just has to be on World Stationery Day!  Write a letter, send a card or draw a picture and enjoy the feel of the pen or pencil in your hand as you create something from nothing!  As William Wordsworth said

"Fill your paper with the
breathings of your

I hope to see you again for Thank You Thursday!


  1. I have to admit to being a stationery addict too

    1. I think there are a fair few of us out there Jinger Kat!