Monday, 8 January 2018

Artline Monday - January motivation

I love the first week of January, I feel so positive and motivated... this will be the best year ever, I'm going to complete my goals, nothing will stop me etc, etc... Then the second week comes along and life starts to go back to normal, school begins again, my husband goes back to work, the Christmas decorations have all been packed away and there's no more eating shortbread or pastries for breakfast.  This is when the January blues start to kick in, the weather is cold, grey and usually wet and there are no fairy lights to brighten my day.  So I thought for today's post I would share with you some ideas to help you through this first month of the year and keep you feeling motivated!

My January motivation spread created with Artline pens

Something to look forward to

What can you do on the 31st January to celebrate making it to the end of the month?  Having something nice or fun to look forward to helps pass the time and makes me feel happy.  Could you arrange to go out with friends or have a date night?  Is there a film you want to see or a restaurant you would like to go to?  Make a reservation or book tickets now and mark it on your calendar!

Focus on the positive 

Look for the good in each day and if you can't find any then try to spread a little happiness yourself.  Smile at people, hold doors open for them, buy the person behind you a coffee or pay someone a compliment.  Happiness and good deeds spread like a ripple in water and if everyone around you is feeling joyful it creates a nicer atmosphere for you to be in.

Burn off some Christmas calories 

I'd like to believe that Christmas calories don't count but they do.  Even if you didn't overindulge over the holidays doing some kind of exercise this month will make you feel brighter.  One of the things I want to do this year is increase my daily move goal on my fitness tracker so I am going to be taking my dog for extra or longer walks each day.  I am going to brave the cold and the rain, I am going to wear my lovely new scarf and gloves I got for my birthday in November and I am going to be more active!  Once I have dragged myself out of my warm house a few times it should become a habit that I get used to doing and I will hopefully feel the benefit! 

Things that make you happy 

I heard a good idea the other day about filling a basket or box full of things that make you happy.  You pop in a selection of things you enjoy using and doing and place them next to the chair, seat or sofa where you relax each evening or by the side of your bed.  I have put a blanket and a pair of fuzzy socks in mine to keep me warm and snug, my favourite Christmas candle to light when I sit down and for activities I have chosen a book to read, my new Alice in Wonderland colouring book, a selection of Artline colouring pens and my calligraphy practice notebook and calligraphy pens.  Now when my day is finally over and I have walked the dog, fed everyone and got everything ready for the following day I can sit down, put on my blanket and socks and dip into the basket for something fun to occupy me until it's time for bed.  Actually I think I might adopt this idea all year through and not just for January!

Things that make me happy

Do you do anything special to get you through January and keep your motivation going? I'd love to know!

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