Friday, 26 January 2018

Planner Friday - January

My first Planner Friday post of 2018 is now up on the Trendy Twine blog, please pop over and say hi!

So how is the first month of the year treating you?  I have to admit January is probably my least favourite month but I wanted to start this new year on a positive note so I decided to look for the good and concentrate on things that make me happy.  I wanted to create a spread in my travellers notebook to highlight some things that I enjoy about January so I dug out my Annie's Paper Boutique stamps and got to work!

My January spread

The start of a new year always makes me feel like I have been given a blank slate, the past is over and done with and I have a whole new year full of possibilities to look forward too!  The Choose Happy set sums up this feeling perfectly so I used a couple of these stamps to remind me to keep trying to achieve my goals and to make each day a little better than the one before.  

I added a  mini calendar to the spread to keep track of whether I reached my move goal each day (so far so good!) and I am using the little tick stamp from the Check It Off set to mark off the days I complete my goal.  

Products used: Choose happy stamps
Not pictured: Mini calendar cards

Goals and memories

On the second page I used a cute snowflake stamp from the How's the weather? set because I love snow days when you can stay at home in the warm or go out and play if you are feeling brave!  I also used a coffee stamp from the Drinks & more set because there's nothing better than a nice hot drink to warm you on a cold day.

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  1. Amanda, what a beautiful spread. The blue theme is gorgeous and your handwriting looks amazing. I love the whole positive outlook. I really need to adopt that attitude this year. So far, it's not working ;)

    Thanks for another great Planner Friday.

    Annie's Paper Boutique

  2. I feel the same as you. January is usually just plain blah for me, but your pages really are a boost of cuteness! I love all the wonderful details and especially the mini calendar. How cute!

  3. January is a hard month-but you're pages are so fun! I love all the products you used :)

    1. Thank you Helen! It’s nearly over now too so yay!