Monday, 26 February 2018

Artline Monday - World Book Day

Did you know it is World Book Day this Thursday?  I love to read, give me a spare half hour, a good book and a cup of tea and I am in my element!  Reading opens up whole new worlds to people and can take you on all kinds of different adventures which is why World Book Day is important to me.  I thought for today's post I would share with you some activities you can do with your children to celebrate this special day!

Make some bookplates

Lots of children are being asked to dress up for World Book Day and to take their favourite books into school, make sure these treasures aren't lost by labelling them.  I brought a pack of 30 plain white sticky labels for 50p and we had lots of fun making our own bookplates over the weekend.

We made some pink and blue galaxy themed labels using a couple of Artline poster markers, a sponge, some Artline pens, glitter glue and an xclamations stamp.

Sticky labels, Artline poster markers & a sponge

We dabbed the two poster markers next to each other on a dry sponge.

Adding the colours to the sponge

Then dabbed the sponge all over the sticky labels.

Dabbing the paint onto the labels

After the paint dried we could write, draw and stamp on top of it.  Here are some of our bookplates!

Our bookplates

My girls also made a few labels on their own using lots of Artline products, it certainly kept them entertained for quite a while and now we have lots and lots of stickers for our books!

Making more labels

World Book Day rock

I wanted to do a little something to make someone smile this World Book day so I made another of our #ArtlineRocks to hide.  I used a few Artline 853 OHP markers to draw a book and cup of tea and added some steam with a paint marker.  We are going to hide this somewhere near our library and hope it will be found by someone else who loves reading!  If you want to have a go at rock painting with your children make sure you check out my previous posts for some tips and ideas!

World Book Day 2018 rock

Visit your local library

This week is the perfect time to stop by the library and pick out some new books together.  Even the smallest library can hold hundreds of books to choose from so you should be able to find something you will enjoy.  If you aren't already members take a look at your council/library website to see what paperwork they will accept to sign you up for a card before you go.

I hope you have a fabulous World Book Day and find some time to dive into a good book, I am planning on cracking open an old favourite and re-exploring The Shire and the rest of Middle-earth!

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