Friday, 23 March 2018

Artline Monday - Decorating Easter eggs

One of my favourite Easter activities when I was younger was decorating hard boiled eggs to use as a centrepiece for our dinner table on Easter Sunday.  I wanted to carry on this tradition with my children so I got together some eggs and my Artline pens and we spent a quiet afternoon getting crafty.

Artline Easter eggs

Once the eggs were boiled and cooled I put them on the table with a selection of different pens and markers.

Eggs and Artline supplies

My youngest daughter wanted to have a chick on her egg so I drew the basic shape of one with a yellow paint marker and then added wings and a few feathers on the head.

Drawing a chick shape

My daughter drew the eyes and beak with a couple of Artline 853 OHP markers and then wrote Happy Easter with a metallic gold Artline supreme pen.

Adding the details

Here is the finished egg.

Happy Easter!

My oldest daughter drew patterns on her egg using some more Artline supreme markers.

Drawing flowers with an Artline supreme marker

She also used a green glassboard marker which worked surprisingly well on an egg!

Adding more decoration

Here is her finished design.

Finished egg

I wanted to do something a little different so decided to turn my egg into a cute unicorn.

Painting a base coat

I painted a base coat with my pink poster marker and then had a cup of tea while it dried.

Adding eyes & lashes

The next step was to draw some closed eyes and lashes with my Artline 70 marker.

Unicorn horn

I made the horn by rolling some gold wrapping paper into a cone shape and taping it closed with a thin strip of pink washi tape.  I also cut her two ears out of pink card and then glued everything onto the egg using a little bit of spray adhesive. 

Rosy cheeks

I gave her some sweet rosy cheeks using my pink Artline supreme marker and used lots of pink crystal stickers for an exra bit of decoration.  I think she turned out rather well!

Finished egg

The last egg we decorated was painted blue with a poster marker and left to dry for a little while.

Another base coat

I used my gold Artline 900XF pen to write my youngest daughter's initial on the egg and draw some polka dots around it.

Adding an initial 

It is a simple design but I think the blue and gold colours really stand out together.

Finished egg

Our eggs are very bright and colourful and my girls really enjoyed decorating them.

Our pretty Easter eggs

In fact they have asked me if we can make some more before Easter Sunday so I need to go and buy more eggs!

Eggs, eggs, eggs

If you want to have a go at decorating your own eggs make sure you take a photo of them once you have finished so you can enter our Easter competition!  Keep an eye out on my Facebook page and the Artline Official page for details on how to enter.

Have a fantastic Easter!

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