Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Kids crafts with Artline - Fathers Day card

As it is Fathers Day this weekend I thought for today's post I would show you a quick and simple way for your children to make a Fathers Day card!


All you will need is a piece of card, some washi or masking tape and a few Artline poster markers in different colours.

The first step is to fold your sheet of card in half so it looks like a greetings card and then use pieces of tape to mark out the word Dad on the front of it (or Father or Daddy, just make the letters smaller for longer words).  I used two different thicknesses of tape to make it look a little more interesting but you can use just the one if you like.  It doesn't matter if the tape is patterned or plain as we will be removing it once the card is finished. 

Use tape to spell out the work Dad

Once you are happy with how the word looks it is time to start painting.  Use the poster markers to colour over the front of the card.  Do one colour at a time and then let the paint dry between each new colour.  These poster markers dry quite quickly on cardboard so you only need to wait a couple of minutes   

Colouring in with the poster marker

You need to colour in the whole front section of the card including over the top of the washi or masking tape until you are left with something like this.

Completely covered

You can skip this step if you like but I added some polka dots over the top of the paint with my white poster marker and then left it to dry for a couple more minutes.

Adding polka dots

The last step is to very carefully remove the tape from the front of the card.  If any of the paint still seems wet when you try this put it to one side and leave it a little while longer before you try again.  

Remove the tape

And here is our finished card!  If you pair it with a big bar of dad's favourite chocolate then you will be on to a winner this Sunday!

The finished card

My favourite thing about this technique is that it is almost mess free, there's no painting hands or feet to make prints of them and there's no brushes to wash up afterwards.  Just put down a sheet or two of newspaper to protect your tabletop and you are good to go!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Fathers Day!

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