Monday, 24 September 2018

Artline Monday - Thinking of you week

Today is the start of Thinking of you week so there's no better time to grab your pens, paper and greeting cards and spread a little cheer!  If you aren't familiar, Thinking of you week is all about letting people know you care by sending them a card or letter to brighten their day!

Thinking of you

Last year I wrote about different ways you can join in with the fun so if you are looking for some ideas you can check out that post here.  I thought for today's post I would give you some writing prompts in case you want to get involved but have no idea what to actually write!  Sometimes looking at a blank piece of paper makes my mind go blank too, writers block is a real thing!

Favourite memory

What is your favourite memory of the person you are writing too?  Would it make them smile to remember the day you first met or became friends, a holiday you shared together or an event you went to?  Was there something funny that happened when you were together that still makes you laugh whenever you think about it now?  Remind the person you are writing to about these stories.


How lovely would it be to receive a note or card in the mail telling you something nice about yourself?  What is the best thing about your friend or family member, are they kind, joyful, strong or brave?  Do they have nice eyes or fantastic hair?  How does having them in your life affect you?  Why are you thankful for them?


Have you found a recipe you think they would like to make, cut it out and add it to your letter.  Have you read a good book or is there a piece art you love or a poem you would like to share?  Have you started watching a TV show you think they would enjoy or taken up a new hobby, let them know about it.

Share why

Out of everyone you could have written to, why did you decide to write to this person?  Do you miss them, do you want to arrange getting together again soon, are they your best friend or favourite family member?  Tell them!


Has something good happened to them recently?  Did they pass an exam or a test?  Have they gotten a new job, home or pet?  Or has something good happened to you?  Share it with them.

Your notes, letters and cards do not have to be overly long so don't feel like you have to write pages and pages, I am sure whatever you choose to write will be appreciated!

Decorating the envelope

If you want to make your envelope look a little special so it will stand out against the leaflets and bills when it is delivered you can decorate it.  I like using kraft colour envelopes and writing on them with my white calligraphy pen.  You can write the recipient's name and address as fancy as you like as long as the door number and postcode are clear so it is easy to deliver.  If you like metallic colours then you should try the Artline Supreme markers as they come in lots of different shades and won't run if they get wet as the ink is permanent.

Treats to add to your letter

You could add a small treat to your letter or card if you like, little things like pocket size notebooks, pens, postcards, bookmarks, tags and stickers will all fit easily through the letterbox and not weigh very much.  You could also add a tea bag or sachet of coffee for the person to enjoy while they read your note or a sweet treat to nibble on.  Think of this as an optional extra though, the main idea is to spread happiness through putting pen to paper so don't feel obliged to add anything else!

I hope you receive something nice in the mail this week!

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