Monday, 8 April 2019

Artline Monday - Easter eggs

Decorating eggs for Easter has become a bit of a tradition in our house over the years so I always look forward to getting creative with my girls and our stash of Artline pens when the holiday rolls around.

Our eggs and supplies

We started off with a basket of cooled hard boiled eggs and a selection of Artline products.

The first egg we made is.... can you guess?  It's Mike Wazowski from Monsters inc!  My youngest daughter loves this guy, he always makes her laugh when we watch the Monsters films!

Monsters inc egg

She painted the whole egg green with a poster marker and then left it to dry for about 5 minutes.  I helped her draw the eye with a white paint marker, a blue Supreme permanent marker and a black Artline 853 OHP pen and then she added the smile and popped him back into the egg carton to finish drying.

Kawaii ice cream egg

My eldest daughter made this sweet kawaii style ice cream egg.  She drew a waffle cone pattern on the bottom half of the egg using an orange Artline 853 OHP pen and then coloured in the top half of the egg with a purple chalk marker to look like a scoop of ice cream.  Once the chalk was dry she added eyes, rosy cheeks and smile using a white paint marker, another Artline 853 OHP pen in black and a pink Supreme marker.

Ladybird egg

I couldn't resist making a ladybird egg, the design is really easy to do but it looks great.  I painted the egg red with a poster marker and then helped my girls with their eggs while mine dried.  Once it was completely dry I added details like the head, wings and spots using a black water colour marker and a white paint marker for the eyes. 

Minimalist calligraphy eggs

All the other designs are quite colourful and vibrant so I wanted to do something different with the last of our eggs.  I thought it would be nice to do something simple and minimalist so I just used a white paint marker  on these two and wrote "hello" on one egg and "spring" on the other one.  I also added some spots and dots for the finishing touch, I think they would look nice as part of a table centre piece for Easter.

Last year we made chicks, a flower basket and even a unicorn with our eggs, you can see them here if you need more inspiration!  School breaks up on Friday so this is the perfect activity to keep your children busy while they count down the days until they can devour their chocolate eggs!

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