Friday, 14 June 2019

National Stationery Week 2019 - a week in pictures

I know National Stationery Week was a little while ago but I've had an unexpected break from blogging and not gotten around to writing this post until today.

Anyway every day of #NatStatWeek week had it's own theme which inspired me to take a photo a day based around those prompts.  I did share them on Instagram during the week but if you missed them, here they are! 


Monday was sponsored by Paperchase and the theme was #PaperchaseLovesLists so I took a pic of one of my to do lists and a couple of notebooks.  You definitely can't have too much stationery during National Stationery Week right?  


Tuesday was sponsored by Ryman and the theme was #RymanLovesPens.  I broke out some of my favourite Stabilo pens and did a pen test in my bullet journal.


Wednesday was my favourite, it was #WorldStationeryDay and it was sponsored by the London Stationery Show.  I wrote a special post for Artline with ways you could celebrate, though you could do any of them today too.  You can read the full post here.


Thursday was #TakeANote day so I flicked through my bullet journal and found a little note I had written in there.


Friday was #DerwentFeelGoodFriday and, as you can probably guess, it was sponsored by Derwent!  I wrote a list of things that make me feel good using a Derwent Line Maker pen and doodled some flowers down one side of the page.


Sarah from Marple Stationery Supplies contacted National Stationery Week to say she thought more independent stationery shops should be involved with the week and ended up sponsoring her own day!  #StationeryShopSaturday was a day to go and visit your local indie stationery shop and show them some love.  I Googled my local shops and had a list that I was going to try and visit but then my youngest was poorly and I couldn't get out the house *sad face*.  I do still have the list though so I'm going to go a visit a couple of them when I get the chance.  As I didn't have a pic for this day I'm showing off my #StationeryAddict pin badge that National Stationery Week sent me instead.


#SendALetterDay was the perfect time to share this photo of a fancy wax seal I did at a workshop last year.  It was my first time and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Did you enjoy National Stationery Week?  The dates for next year have already been announced so don't forget to pop them in your planner, it's the 20th-26th April 2020.  I can't wait!

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