Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lush birthday party

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Lush store for their 10th birthday party. I have been a customer of Lush Solihull for over two years now and I have been to quite a few events at the shop and they have all been a lot of fun. This time we were given the chance to make a one off bath ballistic (bath bomb) to celebrate the special occasion, which we could take home afterwards. It was a lot of fun to make something that has not been made before and that you can not buy in the shops and the atmosphere in the store was great. There was a table with party food and a lovely lady handing out party blowers to the children. In fact all of the staff are very friendly and always find time to stop and say hi even if they are busy. Katie the manageress was dying a customer's hair with henna when we arrived but she still came over for a quick chat when she got a chance.

My children and I each made a ballistic with one of the compounders who was in the store for the party. We had a choice of colours of mix and glitter that we had to press into the moulds making each ballistic slightly different to the others. It was a great way to cheer up a cold grey Saturday afternoon in January!


  1. I also love Lush cosmetics, and I can see that you had a great time at the Lush store’s anniversary party. Must have been a wonderful way to spend enjoyable time with your family. I own a gift shop that is quite popular in my locality, and I’ve also arranged a party to celebrate my store’s 5th anniversary at the event space NYC.