Friday, 11 January 2013

New year, new me?

Erm..... no probably not.  I have decided this year to make a list of small changes I can make to make me happier.  I have a case of the January blues, I always do this time of year.  For me the best bits of the year are nearly all packed into the last three months.  So while the rest of the year isn't exactly a chore, I do find October through to December the most fun.  The beginning of October for me is the start of the build up.  Halloween, Bonfire Night and three family birthdays (including my own!) in the run up to the big event.... Christmas!  So the start of the new year reminds me just how far away my favourite time of year is. This is my list:

  • Be more organised.  I was always very organised when I was only sorting myself out, then when I got married it was still easy to keep on top of what I/we needed to do.  Now we have thrown three children into the mix I find it a little harder to keep track of everything so this year I want to tackle this.  I have brought a new A5 filofax (a pink Apex for those interested) and I'm hoping it will help improve my life. The colour makes me happy and I have brought some very cute dividers for it so at the moment it is working in one aspect as it makes me smile! I have ordered some stationary bits and bobs to personalise it further and if I like how it turns out I will take some photos and write about it at a later date.
  • Wear make up more often.  At the moment I can go a couple of weeks at a time without "putting on my face".  I was thinking that if I wasn't going anywhere more special than the school gates and the supermarket  "what's the point?" but I have realised that I feel better when I'm wearing make up.  I'm not talking full on everyday but some tinted moisturizer and mascara will only take a few minutes a day and I think I will be happier by doing that.
  • Take longer baths.  Last year my youngest was a very clingy toddler who didn't want me to be out of her sight.  This year she has grown out of that a little and I'm going to take full advantage of it.  
  • Paint my nails.  I love colours and I believe the right colour can improve your mood.   I haven't been wearing nail polish as I felt a bit odd having perfectly painted nails but not wearing any make up so this year I'm going to do both!
  • Read more.  I have lots of books I've been wanting to read for a while now.  I am going to make sure I take some time once a week to catch up on my reading.  I love a good book and I read all kinds of fiction.  I might even schedule some reading time into my diary to make sure I do it.
  • Start drawing again.  I can't remember the last time I picked up a pencil to draw for pleasure.  My son quite often hands me a piece of paper, a pencil and one of his books and asks me to draw something from it (Skylanders, Pokemon, The Simpson, I've drawn them all.) and while I don't mind doing it, it's not fun for me.  I'm going to look for a pad of paper that fits into my filofax and dig out my drawing pencils so if the mood hits me I will be ready for it!
I think that is it for now. I know there's nothing earth shattering listed there but hopefully these things will help me out of my blue mood and kick start my year.  Will you be doing anything to get you through January? 


  1. Sounds like a plan! I got a Filofax for Christmas a few years back after wanting one for ages. I used it for a year & then just went back to a siary for some reason..
    With you on the January blues. We're lucky in that we have lots of birthdays around May so the year's fun things are more spread out but I miss the house being full of my sisters, nieces, nephews & visitors..
    I used to wear full make up every day but since I've not been going out due to my back, I kind of gave up but totally agree-I feel much better wearing it. I always paint my nails though & it'll be fun for you to inject some more colour.
    Yay to longer baths. I'm lucky that my 3 are well passed the 'shadow' stage & I am left to my own devices. I like to wallow for atleast an hur, sometimes 2, a couple or 3 times a week :-)
    I even bought an underwater light to make bathtime that bit more spa-like ( our bathroom is everything but) so keeping the lights low & focussing on a funky light show should help! It has a remote to choose the colour spectrum & I'll be using it tonight for the 1st time.
    As for reading- I go through phases. At my peak I got through a book a week-mainly fiction & I love warped fairy tales/magical stuff etc- ever since I studied comparartive lit at uni ( I never graduated but it atleast gave me a taste for some great books) We read the epic of Gilgamesh & The Decameron. The 1st book I remember reading was on my 8th birthday when Mum gave me 1001 Arabian Nights. I devoured it & still love it now-read it to hubby a few years back. My fave bk is 'Wuthering Heights'. Got it out of the library when I was 13 & then studied it again in the 6th form. How about you-what's your favourite book?
    Reigniting your passion for drawing sounds like fun. I can't imagine being able to draw. I'm surrounded by artistic people in the family-sculptors, designers, artists who draw, swe etc & I dont have an artistic bone in my body!
    I plan to cook more this year as when I do, I find it therapeutic & satisfying but have got a bit sloppy in relying in semi/convenience foods or doing the same old stuff.
    Good luck on your quest! The thing that would cheer me up most atm is snow & rumours are afoot that it may come Monday...

  2. Wow your baths sound great and the underwater light should make them epic!
    I read Wuthering Heights for english lit A-level too and really enjoyed it. I still have all the books I studied back then and I like to re read them occasionally to see if I discover something new or form different opinions as I get older. I used to be able to finish a good book in a couple of days but I just don't seem to find the time anymore which is why I'd like to change that this year. Have you found any recipes that you would love to try yet? I have most of Nigella's cook books but I have always preferred to read them that actually make anything from them!
    There's no sign of snow here in the Midlands as yet. We did have a few flakes Saturday morning but it only lasted minutes. Part of me would quite like a snow day tomorrow, hot chocolate, cold hands, red noses and lots of horseplay outside would not be the worst way to spend a Monday for me!

  3. *waves*

    Good luck with your list!

  4. Hi bumblebee, I have started my list and so far it's going well. My nails are currently a lovely shade of blue and are reminding me of summer skies and warm breezes! Thank you stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

  5. No, I havent tried any new recipes yet but like you have had fun flicking through! My sis bought me a Wagamama recipe book a couple of yrs ago & it's my favourite meal out ( their deep fried sweet potato & Aubergine with sticky rice, curry sauce & gorgeously dressed side salad is awesome-not to mention the white choc & ginger cheesecake!)- am hoping to go on my birthday this year (there is just no room in the budget for eating out!) but if I'm lucky enough to receive any pennies for my 40th, the 4 /5 of us will be going!! Blue nails..lovely! xx

  6. I've never tried Wagamama but those dishes sound gorgeous! I hope you get to go for your birthday treat.