Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow day!

So I had been toying with the idea of writing a new post every Friday (I like a routine) and I had a few ideas written down that I was going to chose from, but then yesterday the most wonderful thing happened..... it started to snow! It continued to fall for over 24 hours and this resulted in the area I live in coming to a standstill, schools and shops closed early and I have spent this afternoon outside playing! I'm a big kid when I see snow, I can't help but get excited. Lets face it we hardly ever get snow in the UK and its even rarer that we get enough to have fun in, so when it happens we have to make the most of it. I know it affects people's days and getting about is so much harder than usual and when it melts the ice underneath is deadly but if you can I really think you should try to get outside and enjoy it while it's here.
We pulled on our hats and scarves, gloves and boots and put on as many layers as we could fit under our coats and trudged over to the park. You have to walk down a long pathway between the houses to get there and when you reach the bottom you find yourself in a large open area that follows a river for quite a distance. Now to me there's nothing quite as beautiful as a vast expanse of freshly fallen snow, gleaming and white, the most mundane sights become transformed with a layer of it and this was the view that greeted us today.

Anyway we had a great time having snowball fights, chasing each other around, shrieking and laughing and making snow angles in all shapes and sizes. We stayed until our gloves soaked through and our noses started to hurt, sodden but happy we made our way home.
It has started to snow again this evening and our coats are only now finally dry but I think we will spend tomorrow out in it too because by next weekend there will probably be none left and who knows when we will get the chance to do it once more!


  1. Oooh how brilliant & the pics are gorgeous! My hubby has a deal with his boss- if there is snow, he is taking a day's holiday with no notice. He loves nothing more than taking our traditional sledge to the Downs (only a 7 or so min walk away) by the sea & sledging for hours with the boys. I used to love sledging but can't due to back but atleast I get to see the pics & am there ready with hot chocs, towels & clean clothes when they get home :-)
    Snow angels- how cute! Have you tried doing snow faces- where you take a deep breath in, hold it & shove your face in the snow? When you take a pic, its fascinating as it looks 3D- I have some pics of R & the boys on fb & it's strange but you can see other relies in their faces which I've not noticed before in regular photos. Must be something to do with light & shade & the structure of facial bones. We only had a couple of inches late last night & there isnt much left now but there's more due tonight!! xxx

  2. What a cool deal your hubby has with his boss! We still have a lot of snow here a week later and there's more forecast for this afternoon. We borrowed a sledge earlier in the week and had some fun but then the schools reopened so things went back to normal. We tried to make snow faces but the photos didn't come out very well, our noses did look like they were pointing outwards towards us instead of into the snow! After we have been out in it I make everyone a mug of hot milk and give the kids a Milky Way to dip into it which melts in the milk and makes it go all chocolatey mmmmm...

  3. We only had 1 day of snow & schools remained open ( which is just as well as Callum is doing his GCSE's!). The boys had a fun day with their sledge on Saturday though & I did hot choc with crumbled flake, cream & mini mallows when they gor back. I love the sound of the Milky way version!

  4. I quite fancy a hot chocolate now, I have some but no cream or marshmallows and if I can't have the full monty so to speak I don't want one lol! I'm glad the boys got to enjoy the snow too, I bet they had a great time.