Thursday, 21 November 2013

I have joined the Malden family..... and it's not aqua!

Here she is.....

My beautiful Malden

Ok, ok I know I have gone on and on about the aqua Malden for months and then I go and buy an ochre one instead.  "What's going on?" I hear you ask, well the truth is I had been leaning toward the ochre for a little while.  When I found the Maldens on sale on the Colemans website  the ochre was already sold out while there was still one aqua left in stock.  I thought that Fate had stepped in and made my decision for me.  When someone brought the last aqua one before my birthday I was again left with having decide which I really wanted.

I had started to want the ochre colour after seeing photos @handmadebycharlottevictoria had posted on Instagram of her Malden.  The colour I had always dismissed as boring now looked classic and sophisticated, more grown up.  I already had a brightly coloured Filofax (my yellow Original) so did I really need another one?  Also the aqua didn't feel right for this time of year, the ochre is such an autumnal colour it just felt right.

With my yellow Original Filofax

Both colours had been out of stock on the Filofax UK website for a while and were now both out of stock with Colemans.  I couldn't find either colour in personal size on eBay either.  It was starting to look like I wouldn't get a Malden for my birthday at all.  I asked in a Facebook group if anyone knew where I could find one and was directed to a swapping and selling group.  I joined straight away and as soon as I was added I scrolled through all the listings to see if anyone was selling a personal Malden in either colour.  They were not.  I kept checking the group daily to see if one would appear and a few days later it did.  A lady was selling her ochre Malden and she was in the UK.  I emailed the seller and she sent me some photos, we agreed on a price and a couple of days later the ochre was mine!  

All moved in

I moved in straight away and am totally in love with her.  I have put my Original away for now.  I will probably move back in in the spring when I'm ready for a splash of colour again but for now I am very happy in the Malden.  I love all of the pockets and the softness of the leather, it feels completely different to my Original which is made with one thick piece of leather.  I am using the zipped compartment for my Coleto pen which is too big for the pen loop and I have put some sticky notes, paperclips, sticky dots, transparent arrows and washi samples in the front pockets.  You can just fit so much inside.  The strap is also a lot longer on the Malden so I wont have to be as strict with myself on how much I can keep in there.  I made sure I regularly emptied the Original because when it got too full I worried the strap would rub against the leather on the front cover and damage it.  It will be nice not to have that concern with this Filofax.    

In the pockets

Am I fickle for changing my mind?  Maybe, now I have the ochre I can't see me ever buying the aqua because I don't think I'm an owning-a-Filofax-in-more-than-one-colour kind of gal.... of course that could change!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


  1. Great choice, Amanda! One of the BIGGEST mistake I made was selling my Ochre Malden. BOTH times I had one! Now I'm kicking myself in the butt because I can't find it for sale anywhere and I'm losing on all the auctions on eBay. I miss it. :( Anyway, congrats! The two look lovely together. :)

  2. Thanks Carla! I have seen quite a few people searching for the ochre one in the selling and swapping group but nothing is coming up your side of the pond. I hope you find one soon xx

  3. Hi Amanda! I know I'm so late on asking re: this have that adorable cut out that says She's Eclectic in your beautiful ochre Malden...where oh where did you get it ? Or, did you make it yourself ? I love it! Please share ?
    Also, I've struggled long and hard on the Malden colors...I'd finally gotten the Black Personal size (I know I'm late getting into the Maldens but now I cant imagine not having them!), but then it was a real struggle: Ochre or Aqua...yikes! So...I too thought Autumn on the Ochre, but then I'm such a lover of Aqua/Turquoise...but how to justify what I really wanted...both! Oh my! Well, what did it for me was all sites at holiday time running out of all of them, I almost cried for not making a decision and losing out on these pretties....but two days after my tears dried...viola! The aqua appeared all by her lonesome and now she is on her way to me...fabulous luck!
    Now of course about that Ochre Malden....hmmmm? Happy day to you...your blog/pages are just fantastic! Love!

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much!
      I brought the page divider from My Pretty Filo, the link to her shop is in my FAQ section. I absolutely adore mine, it is my favourite thing inside my Filofax ;)
      Lol I'm glad you managed to find your Malden, there was a real shortage of them recently wasn't there! I understand you wanting both they are both lovely and quite different because of the colours. I do find myself looking at photos of the aqua one longingly but I am very happy with the ochre, it was the right one for me I think.... for now at any rate! :)