Monday, 4 November 2013

My week #44

My theme for this week just had to be spooky! 

My week in my Filofax #44

I have quite a few sticky dots and hearts so I used some to make pumpkins and a witch.  I have also been patiently waiting for months to use my Nightmare before Christmas stickers, I love Jack! 

Close up

I had a really lovely week, we carved pumpkins and painted sugar skulls, had spooky drinks (regular drinks but with a drop of black or green food dye) and snacks.  We took the children out trick or treating on Thursday night.  My youngest is only two but she loved dressing up as a witch and getting sweeties with her big brother (Death) and sister (vampire bride).  The three of them still have lots of sweets left because I'm mean and haven't let them eat all of them in one sitting!

Close up

On Saturday we went to a bonfire and fireworks display, it was very cold but I always enjoy going.  There was plenty of hot chocolate to keep us warm and some delicious food.  Sometimes when you are stood in a cold, wet field on a dark night you just can't beat a cheese burger covered in fried onions and tomato sauce!

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