Monday, 11 November 2013

My week #45

So I know that owls are so last year but I still love them and when my friend sent me this owl washi tape I just had to use it.    

My week in my Filofax #45

The owl stickers all came from the new planner I brought to store my 2013 diary pages in next year, I wrote briefly about it here during the October photo challenge.

Close up

Last week I found an aqua Malden for sale on the Colemans website, it was 30% off and included free delivery.  I was incredibly excited as with the reduction I knew I would be able to afford it with my birthday money BUT the big problem was they only had one left in stock and it is not my birthday until next week.  I checked the website four or five times a day, every day to see if it was still available.  I decided if it was still there on my birthday it was meant to be and I would order it straight away, however on Tuesday this week someone else brought it.  I was so disappointed, I hope whoever brought it loves it as much as I would have.

Close up

Anyway the rest of my week was quite busy as it was my son's 10th birthday party on Sunday so I had lots of things on my to do list to make sure everything was ready in time.  Being organised certainly makes these things easier, I remember this time last year I was panicking that I wouldn't remember everything and I was still tidying the house minutes before the guests arrived!  This time round all I had to do on Sunday morning was make the party food so I was much more relaxed and enjoyed the party a lot more.

Party food

I can't believe my son is turning ten on Wednesday, it doesn't seem possible.  Where did my cheeky little monkey go?!  I find myself looking at him and thinking "when did you get so tall?" and "where are those chubby cheeks?".  I am planning on getting lots of cuddles for the next couple of days in case he wakes up on his birthday and decides his too old for such things!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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