Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Introducing... The Pen Company & a review of the Sheaffer VFM ballpoint in ultra mint

In my last post I mentioned I would be starting a couple of new features on this blog.  Today I am revealing the first!  During National Stationery Week I found some new companies so I thought I would write a series of posts introducing them and review some products I have either won or purchased from them.


The first retailer I am writing about is The Pen Company.  They are a family run online retailer based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire UK but they do ship internationally too.  

I won a Sheaffer VFM ballpoint pen from The Pen Company in a competition held through their Twitter account.  They also have a Facebook page and are readily available through both.  I like being able to tweet or post a message and get a quick response on social media.  They are also very active online and post interesting links and reviews so it is worth giving them a follow or a like.     

Sheaffer VFM ballpoint pen from The Pen Company

I was emailed by James at The Pen Company the day after I was announced as a winner (very quick customer service!) and I gave him my address details.  A couple of days later I received a second email which was a dispatch notice for my "order", again great service.  I do like a company who lets me know when my goods are on the way so I can start stalking my postman until they arrive.

The review

VFM stands for Vibrant, Fun and Modern and I think this sums up the range perfectly.  I love the simple but stylish design of the pen and the colour I received, ultra mint, is stunning!  

I decided to put the pen through it's paces by writing a quick review of it.  I found it to be comfortable to use and the ink flowed smoothly which is great, I can't stand a scratchy pen!   

Handwritten review

The pen is made from metal with a smooth lacquered finish and nickel plated trim.  It looks and feels a lot more expensive than it actually is.  I said in the handwritten review that the price is $19 (USD) but I forgot to deduct the VAT so it is approx $15 (USD) depending on the exchange rate and £10.95 here in the UK.  The website has a gadget at the top of the page to select the country you are in so you will get all the prices in the correct currency.

The VFM range is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens and comes in ten cool and contemporary colours:

  • Matte black
  • Neon blue
  • Ultra mint
  • Chilled blue
  • Strobe silver
  • Extreme purple
  • Excessive red
  • Radiant ruby
  • Ultimate plum
  • Maximum orange


  • smooth writing experience 
  • looks great, stylish and expensive
  • sits well in hand
  • nice reassuring click on the push button mechanism 
  • comes in a gift box
  • has a one year warranty 


  • Doesn't fit in the leather pen loops of my Filofaxes.

I feel like I am being a bit unfair with the con, the VFM wasn't designed with skinny pen loops in mind and it does fit in the elasticated loops but as most of you are Filofax users I did think I should mention it.  

In the gift box

Overall I really like this pen, it is easy to use and easy on the eye!  I would be happy to give one as a gift and just as happy to receive another one myself, I have the ultimate plum on my wishlist at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer - the pen was given to me as a prize so I did not pay for it.  I was not paid to write this review and as always all opinions are honest and my own.  I am not affiliated with The Pen Company and will not receive any commission on any orders placed using the links on this post.


  1. Yay, you won!
    It looks gorgeous & would definitely have been my 1st colour choice too; plum being my 2nd. ( I'm getting very grand with my imaginary wishlist baskets haha ;-)p )

    It looks similar to my Swarovsky pen. Shame it's too fat for the Filo leather loop :/ but I'm guessing you have other options ;-)

    Seems reasonably priced.
    I love finding new stationery websites too ( lots thanks to you & Filoraks/ love of planners & raks/ Pinterest / Facebook etc) I'm not on Twitter but have liked their fb page.
    I hear you on the 'juicy' click sound & love a fairly weighty pen too. Will definitely bear it in mind- nice pens are good gifts when you're not sure what to buy someone ( usually males haha) in that 'can't-not-like-it-/-find-a-use-for-it' way xxx

    1. It really is beautiful, lol it kind of matches the colour scheme of this blog ;)
      I've never given a pen as a gift, my husband tends to pick the presents for our male relatives and friends so I get to pick the fun girly ones but you're right they are a good choice if you're stuck for an idea. Oh and my wishlist runs so long now I'm not sure a lotto win would buy me all of it!

  2. How fun! Yay!!! Great review, Amanda.

    Lesley @ Annie's Paper Boutique & Trendy Twine

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  4. Hi Amanda, I recently bought the ultra mint here in India. The click is ultra smooth! Are u still using it now ?(although it's been a long time!!). Pls do let us know. Cheers,! Saurabh Guha.

    1. Hi Saurabh, yes I do still use mine! I’ve had to replace the ink once or twice but it’s still perfect.