Monday, 26 May 2014

My week #21

I am so excited to show you this week's pages because I have been using the fabulous At Home Planner Stamp Set that Lesley from Annie's Paper Boutique sent me to try! 

My week in my Filofax #21

I have never used planning stamps in my Filofax before, I have only used ones for decorating my pages but after using these for a week I am hooked!  I like how they look on the page and font is similar to the one I use for the titles and pages on this blog so I like it a lot.

Close up

Close up

I have had fun this week making some bunny paper clips using Mrs Brimbles tutorial.  I could only find some green felt in my sewing box to start with so I made a zombie bunny!  After a bit of hunting around I found an old white baby vest so I cut it up and made a cute, alive, bunny too.  Then while I was browsing Instagram I came across a lady who had been making crochet flower paper clips so I made one of those as well.  I think they came out ok but.... well, the zombie one is my favourite.  I guess it is the Walking Dead fan inside of me!

Paper clips

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


  1. Yay! What a fantastic week. Your pages are always so fun!!

    Lesley @ Annie's Paper Boutique & Trendy Twine

  2. Definitely prefer the zombie bunny!

  3. Love the stamps - Mrs Brimbles bunnies are cute but I can't sew for toffee! ;-)

    1. Thanks Becks, I think they're fab.
      I loved Mrs Brimbles bunnies so much I had to give it a go, the sewing is a bit dodgy on the white one I made but I've decided that gives it character ;)