Monday, 2 April 2018

Artline Monday - Easter holiday activity

Happy Easter!  Have your children finished off all their Easter eggs or uttered the dreaded words "I'm bored" yet?  If you want to keep them entertained over the holiday why not try this fun craft!


You will need some empty toilet roll tubes, glue, pretty card or paper and a selection of pens.


The first step is to paint the toilet roll tubes, I used my Artline poster and paint markers for this step as they dry quickly and are a lot less messy than traditional paints.

Paint the toilet roll tube

The next step is to cut out some bunny ears from your paper or card.  I cut one ear freehand and then used it as a template for all the others.

Bunny ears

Then cut out some smaller ear pieces to glue onto the larger ears.  Again I cut one out first and when I was happy with the size and shape I used it as a template for the other pieces.

Gluing the pieces together

Once you have made the ears put some glue on the bottom of each piece and stick them to the inside of your painted toilet roll tube like this.

Glue the ears into place

Now you have a bunny shape you need to add some details.  I used a white Artline 444XF paint marker to draw some eyes and teeth on each.

Adding eyes and teeth

Then I waited for the paint to dry.

Waiting for the paint to dry

For the noses so I used my pink poster marker on the yellow, blue and purple bunnies....

Painting the noses

.... and my pink Artline 200 fineliner on the pink bunny.

Adding a nose

The last step is to draw the bunnies pupils, whiskers, mouths and teeth, I used my black fineliner for this.

The finished bunnies

These bunnies are perfect to use as some Easter or spring decorations around your home or your children can use them as toys or puppets to play with.  You can also make some larger bunnies using empty kitchen roll tubes and make a whole family of rabbits!  

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and thanks for stopping by!

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