Monday, 30 April 2018

Artline Monday - Wedding planning ideas

Tomorrow is the start of May and you know what that means, wedding season will soon be on us!  With this in mind I thought I would share some ideas about wedding planning today and I have come up with a twelve month checklist of things you need to do before the big day.

Wedding planning with Artline

So you have found the perfect partner and decided on a date, what do you need to do now?  Plan, plan, plan! You can buy yourself a fancy wedding planner or organiser or you can grab a notebook and get to work.  As long as you make plenty of notes and lists so you don't forget anything important, everything should go swimmingly.   

Wedding checklist

I made this wedding checklist using an Artline Stix brush pen, a Supreme metallic marker and an Artline 200 fineliner so it would look a little special.  

Twelve months before

  • Work out your budget
  • Book venue and officiant 
  • Plan your guest list
  • Choose wedding party
  • Dress shop

Nine months before

  • Book vendors
  • Honeymoon ideas
  • Book wedding cars
  • Gather your guests addresses
  • Buy wedding outfits
  • Make or buy invitataions

Six months before

  • Finalise details with vendors
  • Save the dates
  • Wedding cake
  • Buy rings

Four months before

  • Hair and make up - find stylist
  • Menu
  • Finalise guest list
  • Book honeymoon
  • Vows
  • Wedding favours

Two months and counting

Two months before

  • Buy accessories 
  • Send out invitations
  • Photo ideas for photographer
  • Give notice of your marriage
  • Sort out ID and paperwork needed

One month before

  • Call anyone who hasn't RSVP'd
  • Seating plan
  • Song list for reception
  • Finale dress fitting
  • Make final vendor payments
  • Hen and stag party ideas

Two weeks before

  • Hen and stag parties
  • Collect wedding outfits
  • Start honeymoon packing

One week before

  • Finalise seating plan
  • Beauty appointments
  • Make arrangements for after the reception - who will collect wedding gifts etc

Two days before

  • Finish honeymoon packing
  • Get nails done
  • Sort out everything you need for the big day

One day before

  • Call all vendors to confirm everything
  • Try to relax!

Now, not every wedding will take 12 months to plan so you can adjust this list to fit your own time scale, leave out any of the steps that don't apply to you and add in any extras that are specific to your event, this list is just a starting point for you to work with.  I hope you find it helpful!

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