Monday, 14 May 2018

Artline Monday - Royal wedding celebrations

I couldn't do a series of wedding posts this month without mentioning the royal wedding!  I am super excited to watch the whole thing on TV this Saturday and see the dress, the ceremony, the outfits etc and have some kind of celebration at home with my girls.  This got me thinking about street parties people might be throwing or celebrations and get togethers that will be happening to mark the occasion.

Making plans for the royal wedding

If you are planning a street party then you probably have everything sorted by now but I have a few ideas for when it comes to adding some finishing touches to your tables or if you are just having a small gathering and want to make it extra special, after all it's not every day we get to celebrate a royal wedding!

Mini chalkboards and Artline pens

These mini chalkboards were only 49p for a pack of four and I thought they would make cute little keepsakes of the day.  Now I could have written on these with my Artline chalk markers but I wanted the messages to be permanent so I used my gold Supreme marker and Artline 999XF metallic pen instead.  

Chalkboard keepsakes

I think these boards will look so cute dotted around the table/s among the food and drinks and the guests can take them home as a memento of the day if they like.

Decorating the milk bottles with chalk markers

As well as the chalkboards I brought some sweet glass milk bottles for us to use and I have personalised them with a purple Artline chalk marker.  I wrote Harry and Meghan along with the date of the wedding on some and on others it just says Royal wedding.  Being a chalk marker this will wipe off with a damp cloth so if you wanted to decorate any of your glassware for the party you could wash it off afterwards.  Artline have glass markers you can use too which are also easy to remove once the event is over.

If you wanted to permanently decorate your glasses then you could use the Supreme markers and Artline 999XF pens I used on the chalkboards instead.

Artline Stix are great for colouring in & playing with

If you are having a lot of children around then you could also print off some free royal wedding colouring in pages for them to do while the adults watch the ceremony or are having a chat.  I found a few different ones online including this one from eParenting.  You could add these pages to the table/s along with a pot of pens to use, I recommend some Artline Stix because not only do they colour really well but they are also really fun to play with!  You can connect them together side by side or end to end and see who can make the biggest construction, they are just like building blocks you can colour with!

Do you have any hints, tips or ideas for the wedding celebrations to share with us?  Leave me a comment below, I love to read them!

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