Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wedding Wednesday with Artline - Wedding favours

I'm still feeling all loved up after the royal wedding celebrations and it's my own anniversary soon so I thought I'd fit in another wedding themed post.  I got married on a beach in Jamaica and didn't have to plan anything other than my dress and shoes as it was all done for me (which I am grateful for!) but it's kind of nice to write these posts and go through the process as if I was arranging my own fantasy wedding now.   

Today I'm thinking about wedding favours, they are a lovely little thank you for your guests who have taken time out of their busy lives to get dressed up and come and celebrate your special day with you.  They don't have to be expensive but they are a nice little touch for the tables at your wedding reception.

Wedding favours and place cards

I love arts and crafts so I would definitely make my own instead of buying premade or filled favours.  I brought some packs of favour boxes and matching place cards from my local Home Bargains but you can find them at craft shops and online places like eBay and Amazon too.  I decided my colour theme would be gold and bronze and I got out my metallic Artline Supreme markers to add some colour to the plain white products.

Colouring in the favour boxes

I have said before that I love colouring and I find it really relaxing so I would do a few of these in batches each evening until I had enough for all of the guests.  I used the Supreme markers to colour in sections of the cut out design on the boxes and then did the same on the matching place cards.  Colouring them in means you can make them fit the colour scheme of your wedding and makes them a bit different to everyone else's who brought the same sets as you.  You can make them all unique to your big day!

I also used the Supreme markers to write the guests names on the place cards after I had coloured them in.

Adding a touch of colour to the place cards

Unless you have a lot of space to store the favours I wouldn't assemble and fill the boxes until much closer to the wedding, I'd probably invite a few friends around to help me as well!  They are easy to fold into shape and fill with some kind of sweets, I went with sherbet lemons because they're my favourite.  Then it was just a case of threading the ribbons through the top of the boxes and tying them with a bow.

I would also keep the place cards flat and unfolded until it was time for them to go onto the tables as this way they are less likely to get damaged.

My unique favours and place card

I think they look really pretty and much nicer than plain white, what do you think?

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