Monday, 8 October 2018

Artline Monday - Halloween decorations

Halloween and half term are fast approaching so for today's post I am going to show you how to make some spooky decorations to keep little hands busy during the school break.  Everywhere we go my youngest has been collecting conkers and bringing piles of them home but she didn't know what to do with them so I thought it would be fun to use some in a crafting session this weekend.

Conkers, card, twine & Artline pens

For this craft you will need:

  • Conkers
  • Card
  • Twine or string 
  • Artline poster and paint markers
  • A pen or pencil
  • Scissors 
  • PVA glue

We turned our conkers into spiders, ghosts, a pumpkin and a vampire bat!

For the bat I folded our card in half and drew the shape of one wing, the body of the bat would be along the folded edge so after you cut it out you will be left with two wings joined together in the middle.

Drawing the bat's wing

Cut out

Painting the conker & wings with a poster marker

Adding eyes & vampire teeth once the paint had dried

After the eyes and teeth had dried we used a black Artline 70 marker to add the finishing touches, pupils and a mouth to our bat and then stuck the conker to the wings using PVA glue.

For the spiders we painted a couple of conkers with green and red poster markers and cut out two circles of white card.  

Painting the conker red

We drew eight legs on each card, added faces and decoration to the bodies and then glued the conkers to the middle of the cards.

Next we made some ghosts.  I drew a couple of basic ghost shapes onto the card, cut them out and then painted one blue, we left the second one white as that is a more traditional ghost colour.  Then it was time to paint the conkers, some of the shinier ones took a couple of coats to cover them completely but the paint dries quickly.

Drawing a ghost shape

Painting the conker white 

Painting the ghost shape & conker blue

We drew faces on the ghosts with the Artline 70 pen and paint marker and then moved on to the pumpkin.

This one is a little bit Pinterest inspired as we made it metallic pink instead of orange! 

Painting the card and conker metallic pink

Adding a Jack o'lantern face & gluing the conker to the card

Once we had made all our creations I glued some loops of twine onto the back of the card on each one so we could hang them up.

Our spooky decorations!

I threaded the decorations to a longer piece of twine to make some scary bunting, perfect for a Halloween party!

Scary bunting!

If you want to try some more Halloween crafts then check out my creepy candle jars and ideas for pumpkins too!


  1. Funny Halloween crafts, it looks interesting and easy to make, thank you for sharing the information