Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Coming full circle - my 500th post & back in an A5 ringed planner

I can't believe this is my 500th blog post!  To mark the occasion I thought it would be a good time to reflect back a little and show you my brand new planner!

A5 Kikki K

Back in 2013 I brought a pink A5 Apex Filofax to help me get organised and as soon as I started using it I loved it.  I felt like I was finally on top of things again and it really helped me feel like I had some control over my life.  

My first ringed planner

I enjoyed using the Apex for quite a while before I decided to move onto a personal size planner which I liked because it was more portable and would fit easily in my bag without weighing it down too much. 

Over the last five and half years I have tried lots of different sizes and types of planners which I have written about and shared with you (you can check out my collection here if you like) but recently I have let my planning slip.  

Our new pup!

We have added a new puppy to our family and I have had less and less time to get my planner, supplies and stamps out so I have been relying on the calendar and notebook on my phone instead.  I know, it's shocking!  

Anyway, an email dropped into my inbox from Kikki K a few weeks ago showing off their newest planner collection called Sweet and I was smitten!  I couldn't justify spending money on another planner so I just lusted from a far and that was that..... until I got a second email some time later advertising a special offer, spend £60 and get 30% off.  It's my birthday next month and it was a really good deal so I thought I'd buy my present early (don't tell me off, I'm usually quite good!).  I added the A5 planner to my cart and some matching stickers, post its, magnetic page markers and a pen and got my discount and free shipping!  Here it is!

A5 Sweet Kikki K planner

Before I checked out I noticed that this design also came in personal size but I thought A5 would work better for me right now.  I'll be doing a lot of planning with this balanced on my knees or on my lap and I wanted the extra room to work with.  I don't take a bag out with me very often at the moment either so I wasn't bothered about the size and weight as I won't be carrying this one around.  Let me show you the inside....

Card slots, notepad, larger sections & zipped pocket

Every day is a little ray of sunshine- Monthly divider

I love all of the dividers, the illustrations are so cute!

Some pretty stickers to get you started

Undated monthly pages - 18 months

Collect moments - Weekly divider

Weekly pages

To Do divider

To do pages

The next four divider tabs were left blank so you can label them yourself, either with the stickers provided or using a pen.  I chose Journaling, Inspiration, To Action and Goals for mine.

Personalise your dividers again & again


Plain paper to work with

Inspiration - I love this quote!

To Action - making plans!

Goals - write them down and make them real

There's a gorgeous notepad inside the back cover too

Everything looks so adorable!

Back cover

I can't wait to get started planning properly again!  I think to begin with I'll just be using my pen and a few stickers for my everyday plans and then break out my stamps and ink for Planner Friday posts until I either have more time or I just feel the need to use them every week.  

Oh and here's to the next 500 posts, thank you for being here with me!



  1. I can see my daughter loving one of these. Are they available from any retailers that you know of?

    1. Hi Tom, as far as I know they are only available from Kikki K themselves. They have actual stores in the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Hong kong but I think they ship worldwide from their website www.kikki-k.com

  2. Gorgeous planner, congratulations on your 500th blog post xx

  3. Great post - I also checked out your planner collection - love it!!
    Have added your blog to my favorites.